The 3 components you require for eco-friendly oven cleaning

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The oven at your home is your best friend when it comes to preparing food. It’s sad that you frequently put aside the needs of this appliance, especially with regards to oven cleaning.

Be honest – how often do you actually clean your oven? Once every year? Perhaps even less often? That isn’t ideal, no matter what the situation is. A lot of built up spoils in the oven make it hard to use, unproductive at cooking and quite a mess to look at. That is why you should consider some cleaning action, preferably with the aid of 3 tested eco-friendly cleaning ingredients:

Water – water is needed to sanitise the interior and to activate the other 2 products.
Baking soda – baking soda has proven benefits in terms of cleaning. It is an excellent scouring tool and absorbing solution.

Vinegar – vinegar is the all-natural cleaning champion of the home-based products. You can use it for different cleaning chores, including oven cleaning.
You may be thinking that cleaning a spoiled oven is actually hard with these 3 basic ingredients, but that is far from the case. Even the most spoiled appliances can be successfully cleaned without buying any expensive detergents of debatable quality. Here is the procedure you must follow to make your oven sparkle with just water, baking soda and vinegar:

Mix baking soda and water – grab a bowl and mix water with baking soda. The resulting solution should be a paste-like compound, which can be spread on the oven interior.
Spread the paste on the interior – next step is to coat the interior of the oven with your newly made paste compound. You can use a brush to do so for more even effect, or alternatively use your hands to spread it. Do not apply on the burner, just the sides of the appliance.
Allow it to sit for a while – the idea of the paste is to dissolve the grease and food spoils accumulated in the oven. For this to happen, the solution must sit for some time.

Wipe the paste – once the solution has had enough time to work its magic, you ought to wipe it clean. Use a wet rag for this task. If there are any areas you cannot easily pick with the rag, you can use a spatula.

Add vinegar – the job of vinegar is to help dissolve particularly tough stains of food residue. You know that at times the oven can get messy, whether it’s with a pizza or sizzling greasy sausages. Vinegar, applied directly onto the baking soda paste where a stain is present, has the ability to thoroughly clean it. It will react with the baking soda and better the cleaning potency of this ingredient.

The result of cleaning with these 3 basic ingredients will always remain constant: sparkling clean oven! Test it now and you’ll see just how effective this cleaning method is.

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