6 chores you are likely doing wrong

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Staying on top of your home cleaning chores ought to be a priority, although you are likely struggling. After all, cleaning is not an easy job, especially when you consider all the small things that break or make the task.

In case you have accepted the fact that cleaning is needed, you have to consider methods for making the most of your efforts and that means avoiding some common mistakes:

– Cleaning windows on a hot day – while it is true you may feel more comfortable cleaning your windows when it is warm outside, this is certainly a notable mistake. The main issue is that the heat will dry any liquid you spray on the windows way too quickly, essentially causing streaks. It is better to deal with this chore on a cloudy day, or early morning/late evening when the sun is not shining in full force.

– Doing too much laundry at once – if you ever feel like you aren’t keen of the idea of spending the whole day doing laundry, you could find it irresistible to stack everything in one go. This is less than ideal, since overloading the machine will just lead to inefficient washing and may cause damage. It is best to leave enough space in the machine so that the laundry could move around. That helps the rinsing and soaking process, which ultimately leads to clean laundry.

– Leaving the vacuum bag full for too long – vacuum cleaners are needed for keeping your carpets and rugs clean. However, you might focus so much on the cleaning that you forget the vacuum cleaner needs some attention too, mostly in the form of emptying the vacuum bag regularly. Do not do it when your bag is almost bursting – this is a recipe for disaster. Make it habit of checking how much the bag is full and changing it when it is two-thirds done.

– Washing knives in the dishwasher – a dishwasher is a handy appliance to have and you might feel like tossing almost every item from your kitchen inventory in there. The problem with knives is that strong detergents with alkaline components might dull the edges and make expensive equipment useless. It’s wise to clean knives the old fashioned way – hand wash them with soap and water.

– Leaving upper areas of the home untouched – often, when you are so busy with cleaning chores, you could forget to clean hard to reach areas – ceiling, top of cabinets, ceiling fans, etc. get a stepladder or some other tool that may help you reach high areas because they need cleaning too.

– Using strong chemicals for the bathroom – most people think that soap scum and hard water deposits may only be cleaned with super strong chemicals. Truth is you’ll only require water and vinegar mixed in a spray bottle to get the job done. It will save you money and also save your health and the environment.

If you do your best to deal with these chores the right way, you could be sure that your home cleaning routine will only become much more efficient.

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