Top 10 cleaning companies you can trust in London

London is a cosmopolitan city of immense proportions, and as such, features quite a lot of industries. Namely, the cleaning industry in the city is comprised of scores of cleaning companies, all of which seem to offer the same perfect results for the lowest price. Well, as you may have already found out for yourself, this isn’t always the case.

If you ever need to hire a cleaning company, it is best to find the truly reliable ones, which provide the services they advertise. These are companies with years of experience on the market, who have found the right way to do the job without wasting their clients’ time. Since it is always a good idea to know who you can trust for a professional cleaning service, you should check out the following list.

A rundown of the good cleaning companies in London that you should hire:  


FastKlean is one of those companies that started off small and quickly gained popularity and recognition over the years. The company has been part of the cleaning scene for over 15 years now and by the looks of it, they are only going to grow even more. Since their foundation, FastKlean have expanded their portfolio of services big time – whether it is regular domestic cleaning or perhaps something a bit more specialised, like oven and carpet cleaning, you can find it with this company. The company values performing their services to the highest cleaning standard in the industry, which is reason enough to believe they are going to improve in the future. If you are looking for a well-reputed company that covers the whole of London, then FastKlean is your best bet.

London Domestic CleanersLondon Domestic Cleaners

This is another solid option, especially for clients looking for domestic cleaning services. This company specialises in cleaning services that cater to residential homes. Namely, if you wish for a professional cleaner to visit on a frequent basis, London Domestic Cleaners will happily oblige. Their portfolio of services also features one off cleaning, but it is keeping your home in top shape that they are most motivated about.

Top TD Cleaning CompanyTop TD Cleaning Company

Working with Top TD Cleaning Company is a delight. They have one of the best customer support teams that you will find out there. Always to the point, they will not waste your time. Whatever questions you may have about their services, they will answer them quickly. Their booking procedure is very smooth and you will often find yourself in the role of returning customer.

First Choice Cleaning CompanyFirst Choice Cleaning Company

A company like this is never a bad choice when it comes to cleaning services. Their policy is simple: provide the best services for the best price in London. Judging by the number of satisfied customers and the fact that they are still growing, they may have well achieved it and earned their name.

Domestic Cleaners LtdDomestic Cleaners Ltd

This is another notable cleaning company in London, which has risen in popularity. One of the reasons why that so lies with the diverse portfolio of the company. Apart from regular domestic cleaning, you can also find carpet, oven and end of tenancy cleaning services with this company. What is good about it is that each of these services is well-developed and will never disappoint you.

FK Domestics LtdFK Domestics

If there is one thing you will appreciate when it comes to cleaning services, it is speed and efficiency. That is exactly what FK Domestics Ltd provides. They focus on always delivering the service quickly after you have arranged it. Sometimes you will even get the cleaner on your door within a few days of your call, which is nothing short of impressive.

Specialist Oven CleanersSpecialist Oven Cleaners

According to many surveys, oven cleaning is the most hated chore in the UK. This is no surprise, considering the fact that there are many challenges surrounding this task. Specialist Oven Cleaners are good at overcoming all of these challenges and delivering the oven cleaning service that everyone needs. You will find the customer support of the company to be fully cooperative and the service itself to be everything you have ever dreamt of.

Carpet Cleaner LtdCarpet Cleaner

It seems that nowadays you hear about the importance of carpet cleaning on a daily basis. There is a good reason for this – it is an important chore, which keeps your carpet in good condition and the very air you breathe in your home pure. Getting some professional help is always a good idea, considering vacuuming doesn’t always cut it. The professionals from this company will bring in all of the important gear and deep clean the carpet. They will even address some of the stains your carpet may have acquired, which is great.

Commercial Cleaning LondonTop Commercial Cleaning London

Sometimes it is not always about your home only, but also your office. If you have an office and you want to see the place cleaned to perfection, it is Top Commercial Cleaning London that you need to contact. They have great many years of experience in the field and will put their staff to good work. One thing that gives credit to the company is the fact that they fully understand that cleaning the office is different from cleaning a home. They use specialised products and really know how to tackle the cleaning chores at the office. You can also hire the company for larger projects, such as tackling a commercial building or dealing with the aftermath of builders in a commercial space. It is quite a useful contact to have, so bear that in mind.

Fast Car Mobile ValetingFast Car Mobile Valeting

At the end of this guide lies a company that deals with an often annoying chore – cleaning your car. More importantly, Fast Car Mobile Valeting offers to come to your own home and clean the car there. You will be quite impressed with the range of services they offer. Do your car a favour and hire these guys.

Working with any of the companies on this list surely is a pleasure. Whenever you need to consider cleaning services, it will be best to first contact the aforementioned companies. That is a sure way to know that the job will be done to the highest standard.

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