6 workplace distractions that are robbing your productivity

Commercial Cleaning Service London
Commercial Cleaning Service London

Distraction is that secret force working behind the scenes, which saps your productivity and causes delays in your work. It runs on company money each and every day, and it is your job to identify and overcome it.

On average, you are distracted by a significant number of things. While the distraction may not last long, it actually requires double the time for you to get back to the original task. Therefore, cutting the possible distractions on your job is something you need to do. Following is a quick list of potential distractions that you should eliminate on your workplace:

  • Noise – does open office plan seem like the best thing for you? In theory, it promotes collaboration and sharing of ideas, de-emphasises hierarchy in the company and generally makes people feel better. Yet, there is one major drawback – noise. It won’t be long before you find the cacophony in the place distracting. There is a quick fix to the problem – get yourself some comfortable headphones and music that you like. Or, if you find music too distracting, just wear the headphones. You will find your focus that way and not bother with the noise around you.
  • Your smartphone – the smartphone allows you to work on the go and connects you to the world. It is, however, the most obvious distraction machine that you can keep in your pocket. Don’t be tempted to check your phone every so often. Silence those notifications while you are at work to avoid frequent distraction.
  • Clutter – numerous researches are pointing to the fact that clutter reduces wellbeing and productivity at work. It comes in many shapes and sizes, from piles of papers that you just cannot seem to control, to items that somehow end up on your desk without you really need them. You should eliminate clutter by optimising your space. Additionally, clutter is something that an office cleaning company can help you deal with.
  • Hunger – nutrition improves performance, not just in the field of sport, but anything you can ever take on. It is an important element for focus and cognition. Your brain needs the energy to function at peak performance. Getting the proper nutrition at work is essential for retaining your focus on the tasks at hand. Hunger can quickly lead to distraction and sluggishness.
  • Emails – your job may be one that requires frequent communication via emails. Yet, constantly checking your inbox may become a problem, as it doesn’t allow you to get any actual work done. What you can do is designate a set time for checking and responding to emails.
  • Social media – checking social media is a habit-forming activity. Scrolling through your feed releases chemicals in your brain, which makes you feel good. It is addictive and quite distracting. Thankfully, you can get website blockers, which will allow you to take temptation away by making these websites inaccessible for the time you are at work. That will keep you on your task.

Now that you are aware of the most common distractions in your workplace, you can better overcome them.

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