5 carpet cleaning mistakes you need to fix asap

Curtain and Upholstery Cleaning Service London
Curtain and Upholstery Cleaning Service London

When it comes to carpet cleaning, you definitely want to make sure you stay on top of all the chores. Don’t forget, a beautiful carpet isn’t a small investment. Besides, every carpet is an essential part of the interior, which needs to be preserved and taken care of in the best possible way.

To cope with the job properly, you should understand that there are some common mistakes and misconceptions that are all too common with carpet cleaning. If you want the best for your carpets, you must correct the ways in which you’re cleaning them:

– Vacuum cleaning irregularly – the most essential part of carpet cleaning is regular vacuuming. Don’t ever make the error of becoming irregular at this responsibility. It’s annoying, bothersome, and it will take some of your spare time, but it is very important to keep at it. Once a week is enough to keep dust, soil and other solid debris at bay. It will be a serious mistake to vacuum clean less frequently, because debris and dust will only accumulate within the fibres, thus becoming particularly hard to clean.

– Vacuuming ineffectively – talking about vacuuming, are you using the correct technique? You should go slowly to improve suction of dust and other solid particles. Furthermore, you should rotate your vacuuming pattern to ensure a more thorough cleaning. It is not possible for a vacuum cleaner to remove 100% of the accumulated debris and dust, but you can at least make sure you are doing what you can. Otherwise vacuuming is much less effective.

– Leaving stains to stay – stains could inflict big damage to carpet fibres when left untreated for long. It doesn’t matter the nature of the stain – food, liquid, pet accident, of human origin or not – you have to act right away. The more time you wait, the less chance there is to eliminating the stain, which means it could become permanent.

– Utilising the inappropriate cleaning detergent – nowadays, you could choose from many cleaning detergents, designed to clean various types of stains. In addition, there are lots of cleaning methods and techniques, which supposedly do wonders. Before you utilise any of those, you should carefully read the label and find out if the cleaning product is going to do the job for your type of carpet. Test it on a small zone to be safe.

– Disregarding specialised carpet cleaning – even if you’re regular at carpet cleaning, sooner or later your carpet will look worn out. Besides, there’s no way you can sanitise your carpet better than professionals with the proper tools. Do hire experts to clean the carpets and rugs at your home at least twice a year. That will ensure no solid debris remain within the fibres and the best way to appropriately clean that is by utilising specialised equipment. Naturally, that is available from cleaning companies, unless you rent it for a single clean.

By avoiding these common carpet cleaning mistakes, you can make sure that your carpets and rugs are in a great shape and are well-sanitised.

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