How to motivate yourself to do house chores

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If your free time is too little and you find it complicated to balance between home and work duties, it is no wonder why you ignore house cleaning chores from time to time. After all, you’ve got hundreds of activities in mind that are a lot more enjoyable than scrubbing the bathroom tiles, or dusting the cupboards. On the other hand, you don’t like thinking about living in a dirty house and hate yourself for postponing cleaning duties forever. Here are some useful ideas you could apply to get the job done.

– Divide home cleaning chores into small and manageable tasks – if spending several hours of your day off on dusting, mopping and vacuuming sounds too excessive, then create a more bearable schedule. For example, set 20 minutes daily for dealing with a certain cleaning chore. Set a timer if needed. It’s a very good option to have your house deep cleaned by professional home cleaners. After that, maintenance will be much easier. If you like their work, you can even hire them for regular cleaning sessions on a weekly basis.

– Simple tasks first – if you have a room that requires just a touch-up (the guest room, for example) start from there. After that, you can proceed to more difficult tasks.

– Do the cleaning in time of the day you feel more productive – if youu} prefer doing unpleasant tasks as soon as you wake up, get a cup of coffee and focus on the job at hand. However, if you’re a night owl and you’re most productive in the evening, complete the cleaning tasks after work.

– Turn your favourite melodies on – There is absolutely nothing more motivational than enjoying your favourite melodies while doing the cleaning. However, remember that a lot of individuals find multitasking quite distracting. In other words, music may have a negative impact on cleaning results. The same goes for talking on the phone while cleaning.

– Utilise the TV commercials – During TV commercials, you may perform some simple cleaning duties like collecting the scattered magazines or kids’ toys off the floor. After that, you might go back to watching your favourite television programme.

– Have someone to help you – Engaging your roommates or family members in the cleaning process not only saves you a lot of time but also helps you improve your relationship. It has been scientifically proven that joint activities have a good effect on the communication.

– Keep your cleaning supplies near at hand – Designate a small space in your closet where you can keep all cleaning detergents, mops and buckets. You should also ensure they are left in a container you could easily carry around, so you don’t have to go downstairs in order to get a microfiber cloth or a glass cleaner.

When you establish your home cleaning routine, keeping the property spick and span would be much less complicated. And last but not least, don’t forget to reward yourself for each time-consuming cleaning project you carry out.

Cleaning your house doesn’t need to be difficult work. These tips are from qualified Domestic Cleaners and they are proven to work. If you feel you need more details, you can contact 020 8363 1966.

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