Top 5 tips on keeping your shop clean and tidy

Cleaning Company LondonIf you run a shop, you have undoubtedly figured out it is a time-consuming and challenging task. Even though you need to make quite an investment in regards to time and effort, you surely need to consider commercial cleaning. It should be on top of your list of priorities.  

Keeping your stock well-maintained, displaying goods in an orderly fashion and making sure customers are not repelled by a mess is undoubtedly possible. In today’s highly competitive environment, every advantage counts. For this reason, you have to ensure your shop is as clean as possible. First impressions count, and they are never positive when your store is not clean. Here are few tips to ensure the place is in a presentable shape at all times:

  • Clean on the fly – if your shop is one of the blessed ones with non-stop footfall, you may discover a notable side effect: you barely get the chance to clean. After all, how can you invest time and effort in cleaning when people are there walking around or occupying your spare time? What you need to do is take advantage of any spare downtime you get. Wipe a dusty surface when nobody is in the shop, even if you only have a small window of opportunity of about 5 minutes. You can also devote some time after closing time to commercial cleaning. If yours is a big shop, you may well need to assign a staff member to do cleaning duty at any given moment. That way you will keep the environment in your store clean and fresh.
  • Ensure good presentation – the area that gets the most attention in your shop are the counters. They should be wiped on a regular basis, not only because they accumulate a lot of dust, but also because you need that space for display purposes. After all, that is where all of your most prized products will be placed for all clients to look at and enjoy. When these essential areas of the shop are perfectly sanitised, you can be sure that your clients will be impressed.
  • Pay attention to floors – many surveys note that customers always pay attention to the state of the floors. As such, you will do well to remove clutter from that area and clean it properly. You may as well need to invest in daily cleaning if your place sees a lot of human traffic. Don’t make the mistake of vacuuming and mopping before the shop has closed. Otherwise, you could disrupt shopping.
  • Review your cleaning procedures – always review your cleaning practices from a customer’s perspective. Is there anything you need to improve or change? It is easy to let commercial cleaning matters slide when you are busy with your business, but that is not something you should allow.
  • Delegate to professionals – a sure way to provide your shop with the cleaning service it needs is to resort to professionals. A regular service from a cleaning company may be all you need to transform the place.

Owning a shop means you have to invest the time and effort in keeping it clean and presentable. Commercial cleaning has the potential to bring in more customers, so it is something to look at.

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