The definitive window cleaning guide

Cleaning Company Cleaners LondonIf your rooms are starting to feel a little gloomy, it might well be the case that sunlight is obstructed. The main reason could be that your windows are dirty. Window cleaning is an important task that you cannot just postpone forever.

With a layer of dirt and dust present on the window, sunlight will not shine through the way you want it to. It might well be the case that in the summer your rooms feel as if it’s a dark winter outside, illumination-wise. Cleaning windows is the only thing you need to do to fix this. Below are a few tips that make the task super easy.

  • Pick a cleaning product – commercial window cleaning products are never in short supply. There are numerous brands available in stores. These are quite easy to use, as long as you follow the instructions on the label. Another solution you can try is hot water with soap. Heat some water and add a little dishwashing liquid. That is a potent cleaning formula, which can also do wonders for your windows.
  • Acquire a squeegee – professional window cleaners know that a squeegee is an irreplaceable tool for the job. A squeegee with a soft trim is your best bet at dealing with the job quickly and efficiently. The right tool for the job will not leave streaks and keep the glass surface safe from scratches.
  • Use a soft cloth for buffing – the best material to use for buffing windows once you have cleaned them is a clean, soft cloth. You need something that will remove the excess moisture and not leave streaks behind. A microfibre towel is perhaps your best bet, though an old rag also works. Some people believe that newspaper can be used to buff windows as well. Scrunch up a piece of newspaper and use it on the glass surface. To be safe, test this in a small area. If you are happy with the outcome, carry on.
  • Always remove clutter – it is best to clear clutter near the window area before starting your cleaning session. Make sure you have enough space to manoeuvre around and that nothing is preventing you from properly cleaning. Tie back the curtains so that they don’t get in the way. The last thing you want is getting liquid cleaning product on the curtains.
  • Apply the window cleaner in moderation – one thing you must be cautious of is applying too much liquid on the window surface. Moderation is key: you don’t need to wet the glass excessively, as that only makes it harder to clean.
  • Clean with the squeegee – next, use your squeegee to remove the cleaning product. Start from the top and work towards the bottom. Wipe the squeegee’s blade if you see it is dirty. Finish up by buffing with a soft, clean cloth.

By following this guide, you are surely going to have an easier time cleaning windows at home.

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