4 Ways to Clean Your Carpet on a Regular Basis

Carpet CleaningCarpet cleaning is an important task that you need to address sooner rather than later. The carpet of your home accumulates a great deal of dust and pollutants, and it is only through proper cleaning that you can address the issue.

Carpet cleaning is not just a trivial chore you can address quickly. It takes some dedication and a specific approach if you are after a good outcome. Knowing how to clean a carpet will not just refresh your environment at home, but also prolong the life of the rug. After all, you have paid money for it, so it only makes sense to protect your investment. Here are few steps you can take in regards to cleaning:

  • Preventing the carpet from getting dusty – perhaps the best way to look after your carpet is to prevent it from getting dirty in the first place. This means being a little preventive when it comes to walking in with your shoes on. Place a mat at your front door for people to wipe their feet off and insist that they leave their shoes there so as not to bring any dust and debris on the carpet. Invest some effort in training your pets to use a litter box. That way you will avoid nasty surprises on the carpet, which can be pretty difficult to clean. If there is a mess on the carpet, such as a stain, act quickly and don’t allow it to set. Blot up any liquid substances before they spread and absorb into the fibres.
  • Spot cleaning – cleaning a stain often requires a specific approach with specific products and solutions. First, you need always use a clean white cloth, because any coloured rags can transfer colour onto the carpet. Carefully read the labels of any product you choose, because not all carpet cleaners are universal. Some should be applied only to specific carpet pile, or else they may cause damage. Hydrogen peroxide, enzyme-based cleaners, ammonia, vinegar and many others can be used to treat a stain effectively. Blot any stains and never rub or scrub, as that would make matters way worse.
  • Shampooing your carpet – another way to clean your carpet is to use shampoo. First, make sure the room is clear of clutter, and furniture, if possible. Vacuum the area thoroughly and also address any stains. Make a plan of cleaning, as you don’t want to walk on the carpet once it has been cleaned. Use a shampooer, either a rented one or one provided by a carpet cleaning service. Leave the carpet enough time to dry before you use it again.
  • Vacuum cleaning – perhaps the most basic type of carpet cleaning is to vacuum. This is a simple enough chore that you should perform every week or two, depending on how much traffic your carpet sees. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner – it will prove invaluable in the long run.

There is no doubt that proper carpet cleaning makes a world of difference in regards to the state of the carpet. Invest proper care, and you will reap the rewards later on.

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