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Along with closets, laundry rooms are the places that house various items such as shoes, old clothes, laundry detergents or empty bottles and what else. Every week you attempt to tidy up and you end up dealing with only the most imminent home tasks. Well, maintaining a well-organised laundry room might help you save your precious free time. Here are a few must-do projects that take you one step closer to turning the laundry room into a neat, tidy place.

General clean-up – take a trash bag and gather all items that don’t belong to the laundry room. These can include empty bottles of fabric softeners, buckets, laundry detergents and everything that must be distributed to another room or has to be thrown away. If you utilise house cleaning services, you may ask the house cleaners to help you with the clean-up. However, it would surely be impractical to ask them to arrange the laundry room and ignore the living room, for example. That’s why you need to ask them to do the clean-up on your behalf and later you can pull your sleeves up and do the organising yourself. After all, you’ll be the one who will use the laundry room, so you should know the exact place of every item.

Find a place for the stuff that belong to the laundry room – be sure to keep the iron near at hand. As for the ironing board, you could just hook it on the wall. If your laundry room is too small, unlock your imagination and install the ironing board at a convenient place. Using the top of the dryer as an “ironing spot” is an excellent idea.

Gather the loose coins – assign a piggy bank for coins. If you have a habit of checking the pockets of your clothes before you toss them in the laundry, you must have one pile of coins scattered on the top of the washing machine, on the shelves or on the dryer. You could make a DIY piggy bank and gather all these coins. You never know, when you break the bank you could be glad to find out you have some serious savings.

Don’t let socks lose their match – if you usually fail in keeping the socks together, and you’ve got much socks missing their match, try the following tips. Just pin all the socks together before washing and drying them.

Utilise every inch of free space – for the purpose, you could buy containers that ideally fit in tight places. For instance, if you’ve got a few inches of space between the wall and the washing machine, you might fit a slide slim cart and keep your detergents.

Whether you take up the laundry room organisation project yourself or arrange experts, the final result is all that counts. Do your best to remove unwanted or useless items and find your own way of keeping the clutter to the minimum.

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