Incredible home applications of WD-40

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Carpet Cleaners London

If you’ve been using WD-40 only for fixing squeaky doors, you could be surprised to know that it actually has a lot of applications around the home. There’s no need to waste money and time on expensive cleaning products. Not only do they hit your budget hard, but could be dangerous to your health. Here’s a list of the areas you could treat with WD-40 to achieve the same brilliant results.

Remove scuff marks from your floors – if you are sick and tired of the black scuff marks on the floors, treat them with WD-40. You can rest assured it will not damage the floors. Quite the opposite, it will remove the scuff marks and the best part is that you will not have to scrub them vigorously. Similarly, it could help you eliminate tea stains from your countertops. Just apply a small quantity of the product, scrub with a sponge and remove with an appropriate cloth.
Remove stains from the rug – spray some WD-40 on the carpet and let it take effect for a minute or two. Then, apply a standard stain remover and gently scrub with a sponge and soapy water. That trick works best when it comes to removal of greasy stains. Even if you do not completely remove the stain, your efforts will be of huge help for carpet cleaners. After all, they may deliver professional cleaning services but they don’t have a magic wand for removal of stains you’ve neglected for weeks.

Clean the fridge – food spills on your refrigerator’s interior and exterior may be very stubborn. Nevertheless, WD-40 comes to your rescue. Apply a moderate amount of the product to a soft cloth or sponge and treat the certain spots. Remember to rinse thoroughly before putting the food back in the fridge.

Make plastic patio furniture shine again – as time passes, plastic items of furniture lose their initial shine. You could bring it back by applying some WD-40 directly on the surface. After that wipe with a clean cloth. You’ll be surprised by the great difference before and after the treatment.

Remove crayon marks from the wall – children have decided to use the walls as a canvas? Remove the crayon marks by spraying some WD-40 on the affected zones and wipe down with a soft, clean rag. The paint will not be damaged. The product works well on wallpapers too!

Eliminate tomato and ketchup stains – you have stained your favourite shirt? No worries, just treat the tomato spot with WD-40 before proceeding with the typical laundry procedure.

Apart from its cleaning applications, WD-40 does a good job with removing grease from your hands. You might also apply a thin layer of the product on your winter shoes to make them waterproof. As you can see, it is an irreplaceable assistant for doing little “renovation” tasks around the house. Thus, don’t forget to get a few bottles on your next trip to the nearest home improvement store.

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