Oven cleaning – hacks on how to clean your oven shelves

professional oven cleaners
professional oven cleaners

Oven cleaning is a job that is done infrequently – if at all. But it is a necessary one. After all, you cook your dishes in that appliance, and typically during the process, you use your oven racks, which are even more rarely cleaned. Here are a few reminders and tips on what to do if you want your racks to be fresh and healthy to make use of.

” Items needed – to begin cleaning the awfully dirty racks, you will have to get a number of things. First, you’ll need an old towel. After that, find a toothbrush that you’re not going to use, or a soft sponge, or both. You’ll also require a cup of laundry detergent – it doesn’t matter whether it is powdered or liquid – both will work. If there isn’t any – dishwashing detergent could be used for this purpose too. Finally you will require a big enough container to fit your entire oven racks into – works best with a bath tub.

” Get to action – for the sake of the example you can use powdered detergent and a bathtub, but again, you can use the other items given above too. The first step is to lay down the towel in the tub, thus preventing the surface of the tub from being damaged by the oven racks. Then, just put the oven racks on top of the towel. Then,, you can plug the drain (if you are using a tub as well) and pour it with the hottest water possible. Fill until the racks are fully covered. The heat will do wonders when it comes to cleaning the grease. Then, obtain a jar or similar container and pour in detergent, mixing it with hot water before spilling it on the racks, and the first step should be done – leave it for 6 to 10 hours, best overnight.

” Half-a-day later – the following few steps are rather easy – just get the racks out of the water. As you do this you’ll notice that there are still some stains that the detergent could not get rid of. Don’t worry – get the sponge or toothbrush or any brush, and just give them a hard wipe down with it. It should come off quite easy too – the detergent works really well usually, so any remaining residue won’t be as sticky as it was beforehand. If for some reason the spoils are stronger than you suspect, add a little extra detergent to your brush or sponge. It normally consumes 5 to 10 minutes wiping down the racks, it shouldn’t take you more than fifteen.

This simple “oven bubble bath” helps cleaning the racks big time. When it comes to oven cleaning, if you think you can just clean the stains from your racks, you are usually quite wrong. It would take forever for one to do so, but fortunately, it is no longer the case for you, keeping in mind what you just learned.

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