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A lot of parents dread to think about travelling long distances together with the kids. Keeping a toddler entertained during a two or three-hour drive is certainly an enormous challenge. But what if your kids have reached an age when you can no longer keep them in the infant car seat? In that case, all you could do is to keep your fingers crossed that no spills will occur during the journey. Here are a few helpful tricks for maintaining your auto clean and tidy while you are going to a mountain resort or just to the countryside to visit relatives.

Pack wisely – you are the one who knows best which are your kids’ favourite toys. In this respect, putting the toys in a random bag is definitely not recommended. If you do that and put the bag in your car boot, chances are you will have to turn everything upside down or put up with kids’ nagging all the way. Similarly, if you’re travelling to a place with a colder/ warmer climate, be sure to have jackets close at hand. Also, depending on the place you head to, prepare sunscreen, hats and a mosquito repellent. If the children suffer from motion sickness, make sure you keep plastic bags close to you, too. In order to keep all these small but essential components together, you could get a special organizer to hook on the back of your seat.

Think about the snacks – kids will always be kids. Unhealthy snacks attract them like a magnet but here the problem is not how healthy the snack is but how much mess it could cause. Do everything possible to find a balance between your kids’ taste of food and the snacks you prepare in order to reduce the risk of stains and spills.

Avoid spills – speaking of spills, we cannot skip mentioning the beverages that might create so many problems. When you stop to get something to drink make sure you request a lid for the beverage you take inside the vehicle. Also, check the bottles and ensure they are properly closed.

Prepare an “emergency cleaning” kit – no matter how hard you try to keep the car organised and clean, accidents can happen. That’s why you are advised to take preventive measures prior to your departure. Get a pack of wet wipes, as well as a stain remover and if possible, some paper towels. In case of a spill on the upholstery, blot the stain with the paper towel and apply a stain remover. Even if you fail in entirely lifting the stain, your efforts will be of big help to the mobile car valeting cleaners that you will probably arrange once you get back home. Specialised mobile car valeting services are the only verified method for restoring the initial condition of car’s interior and exterior. Cleaners will remove stains, spills and bad smells from your auto.

Thus, arm yourself with patience, pack cleverly and do not forget to include these items in your travelling checklist.

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