8 uses of dish soap

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Dish soap does much more than making your dishes sparkling clean. Here are several of its practical uses you actually haven’t tried before.

Floor cleaning – if you want to save on floor cleaning detergents, you can substitute them with a few drops of dishwashing liquid mixed with water. Still, it is crucial to consider the kind of flooring you have. The solution seems most suitable for marble and granite flooring while cleaning hardwood might not be the best idea.

Streak-free glass surfaces – if you’re out of glass cleaner but the glass door is covered with fingerprints, make a liquid of tepid water and dish soap, pour it into a spray bottle and celebrate sparkling clean windows.

Removal of grease spots – pour a few drops of dish soap on the spot, gently blot and toss the towel in the washing machine. It’s also worth noting that instead of a laundry detergent you can use dish soap for washing gentle fabrics.
Grill cleaning – if dish soap can lift off a grease stain from fibres, it will do a good job with more challenging cleaning jobs such as grill cleaning. Soak the detachable components of the bbq in a bucket of water where you have dissolved a cup of dish soap. Let them soak overnight, scrub the dirt with an appropriate brush and rinse with water.

Fight weeds – instead of using poisonous chemicals, you can use a more green process for fighting weeds. Prepare a solution of one cup of salt, single teaspoon of dish soap and 1 gallon of white vinegar. Shake well, put into a suitable bottle and apply on the weeds.

Remove oil marks from concrete – do not let those unpleasant oil spills spoil the nice visual appeal of your driveway or patio. Put the stain with large amount of baking soda and apply dish soap on it. Allow the mixture to soak into the stain for a few hours, rub and rinse.

Kitchen appliance cleaning – if you, for one reason or another, like to switch from the well-known baking soda and vinegar paste, you can alternate with a solution of water and dish soap. The latter is useful for cleaning fridge and oven inside and outside components. Obviously, when you haven’t cleaned your devices for a while, you should better look for specialised cleaning services and then use the dish soap for preserving the good state of your appliances.

Clean tools – no matter if it comes to removing grease and grime from car tools or gardening items, dish soap will do the trick. Submerge the tools in a solution of water and dish soap and allow them to for some time. If needed, scrub with a brush and after that rinse with water. Your items will not only be perfectly clean but also defended against rust.

As you can see, dish soap has multiple applications so limiting yourself to using it for cleaning dishes is totally wrong. When you use home cleaning services you can even tell your cleaning experts to use dish soap when suitable. That’ll save you a lot of money in the long run.

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