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Don’t utilise anything but microfiber cloths – using inappropriate cleaning rags can damage fragile laptop screens, so resorting to microfiber fabrics really makes sense. If you have ever used home cleaning services, you must have seen that cleaners are generally equipped with many microfiber towels or want you to present your own so that they can address their job right. Don’t you think it’s a good idea to do what professionals do?

Do not spray a cleaning detergent straight on a piece of equipment – This rule is especially valid for laptops, tablets and smartphones’ displays. To prevent damage and serious malfunction, use the cleaning solution on a clean, soft cloth and treat the surfaces with it.

Don’t use untested cleaning solutions – glass cleaner may be regarded as a multi-purpose cleaning solution, but in truth it’s not the most suitable solution for smart gadgets and office equipment. To prevent damage, you should better rely on a specially-formulated solution for office gear. As for plastic items, and smartphone cases, you can apply rubbing alcohol. However, treating display screens with rubbing alcohol is not highly recommended.

Toothpicks and cotton swabs at your rescue – narrow places like the place between the computer keyboard buttons can be easily cleaned with a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol. Do the same thing with the computer mouse. Still, you are not recommended to open the mouse to clean it. You’d best limit yourself to disinfecting the external parts only. Cleaning ports and connectors with a toothpick or a cotton swab can be unsafe, so don’t go to such extremes.

Magic erasers – apart from microfiber cloths, magic erasers are another favourite tool of cleaners offering professional cleaning services. Magic erasers are capable of removing stains from your smart gadgets or office equipment. To make a magic eraser fulfill its purpose you need a moderate quantity of water, which eliminates the risk of damaging your items.

Never use detergents containing ammonia – you will can potentially damage your expensive items and degrade low-quality plastic and coating.

When you begin a tech equipment cleaning job, do not forget to disconnect the devices from the power outlet. Other than that, there’s yet another important rule to keep in mind- under no circumstances should you dip your devices or put them under running water. When you take into consideration the whole cleaning process too demanding, you can always assign the project to the firm providing cleaning services at your place of work. They must have addressed hundreds of similar projects, so you will save a lot of tim

e and effort and have your devices cleaned in the blink of an eye.

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