The 5 filthiest places at home

If you obey the old saying: “If it seems clean, do not clean it”, you will be surprised to know that even if items seem sparkling clean, the odds are they breed colonies of germs. Every household has its specific areas that are overlooked for some reason but it should be noted they are the cause for poor indoor air quality, negative scent and allergy reactions. Consider out the filthiest parts at home and freshen them on the spot.

Fittings – Most people pay attention to the taps only when they have to eliminate mineral deposits accumulation. Still, faucets are deservedly included in the list of the dirtiest areas at home because you come into contact with them with dirty hands hundreds of times per week. Put another way, you should disinfect them properly. For the purpose, you do not need to buy an expensive cleaning detergent. A mix of baking soda and white vinegar will do the job.

Handles and switches – Together with faucets, door knobs and light switches are among the dirtiest areas at home. There is a good reason why cleaning agencies frequently feature light switches cleaning in the thorough cleaning packages they provide. Surely, scheduling a deep cleaning service every other week is neither cost-friendly, nor needed. You can tell your house cleaners to sanitise the light switches and door handles once or twice every month. A rag, slightly dampened with rubbing alcohol can do a great job.

Kitchen cabinets – If you’ve forgotten the interior of the kitchen cabinets, reserve some time to empty everything out, disinfect them and eliminate nasty odors. Don’t forget to clean the dust from the upper side of the cabinets, too.
Small electronic gadgets – TV remotes, tablets, computer mouse and keyboard… do you recall when you last disinfected them? You most likely don’t, and that’s why they’re included in the list of the filthiest items at home. For this reason, prepare and sanitise them with rubbing alcohol or special wet wipes designed for cleaning office gear.

Coffee maker – The next time you take up a house cleaning project, mind the coffee maker and the reservoir, specifically. The best thing to do is to reassemble the coffee maker and completely clean all detachable and non-removable parts. There is no need to buy selected detergents. Dissolve a few drops of a dishwashing detergent into tepid water, use on the surface. Then wipe down with a clean towel and dry.

Even in case you take good care of your place, disregarding these areas can be the reason why you never achieve the desired outcome. Deep cleaning is a necessary step towards establishing a germ-free home, so pay the above-mentioned places the necessary attention. When you consider dusting every nook and cranny too strenuous, don’t hesitate to hire cleaning services. Expert cleaners have an eye for detail, so they’ll not leave a dirty item unattended.

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