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You’ve finally located a reputable agency and assigned regular cleaning services? How smart of you. Having professional cleaners at your office or home is a guarantee that the area will be properly looked after. However, if you’ve never had business with cleaners previously, you surely feel a bit confused in regards to the talk and the essence of the cleaning activities they can do for you. Here are certain crucial things to consider for effective, problem-free communication with your cleaning helpers.

Have well-defined requirements – depending on the job you hire the cleaners for, you can make your own list of procedures you’d want them to address. Having said that, there are few things to consider when you should trust their eye for detail and let them deal with the cleaning duty as best as possible. It is a good thing to create a home cleaning task sheet and discuss the difficult sections around the household, but when you have hired a carpet cleaning service, you’d better leave them to do their task as they see fit.

Don’t expose your cleaners to risks – do your best to explain the cleaning task(s) you’d like to be provided so that the cleaning team can bring proper equipment. If you get a good idea amid the cleaning service, just keep it to yourself for some time and add it in the to-do list for the next cleaning visit. Interrupting their job with random questions is not the ideal thing to do when you like to have the best cleanliness.

Notify the company when you want to stop a weekly service – if you’re leaving on a vacation, ensure you inform the cleaning company about your absence. After all, your cleaners might have to journey through the city just to see you are not home. Failing to call the company makes you a “difficult” client, not to mention you may have to pay for the service as the non-delivery was your fault.

Present feedback to your cleaners but do not be too preachy – your cleaners will happily follow your instructions and understand beneficial criticism. Then again, don’t nag about things that are not within their skills. If you’ve a big ink spot on the carpet that’s been there for some time now, don’t expect them to do miracles. Another thing you should do is make an accurate evaluation of the state of your property and schedule the cleaning service accordingly. If you have a big household and you contract home cleaners for 2 hours, you cannot hope a full service. If you have a relatively small house, two hours every week will be enough.
Timely and appropriate communication with your assistants is the key to reaching the anticipated results. In case you have expert cleaners at home regularly, you’ll see that friendly outlook stimulates them to give their best and ultimately have your place cleaned to the top result. It is a win-win scenario for you and the cleaner as well, as they will feel good about making something like this happen.

Don’t be the latter: follow expert suggestions for a cleaner house. If you want to speak to expert cleaners, don’t hesitate to contact 020 8363 1966.

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