How to easily clean the mess from your oven door

Cleaning Service LondonIf your hobbies includes cooking, you likely use your oven a great deal. This appliance is responsible for creating delicious meals, but it is also the one that sees the downsides of excessive cooking: splatters, burnt-on food residue and unsightly stains.

The oven door always seems to be at the forefront of these troubles. It is no secret that without sufficient oven cleaning you will not be able to peek inside to see how your cookies are doing. The glass of the door is one part of the oven you should keep in pristine condition.

When you first read cleaning the oven glass, you should not associate this with cleaning ‘between’ the glass sheets of the door. This area of the door is sealed and therefore doesn’t get dirty most of the time. If for some reason, it is messy, you can take the door apart to clean it. Considering this is by all means not a very good approach, you can also look for a slot in the bottom part of the oven door. That is where you can stick a cleaning wand to clean between the two glass sheets. Anyhow, what sees the most splatters and stains is the inside of the glass door. It gets bombarded by grease splatters and other spoils during cooking.

One approach you can take is to use a commercial product on the glass part. It is true that a lot of solutions out there are quite potent and will likely provide the oven cleaning results you are after. However, if you are no fan of inhaling dangerous fumes, then you best steer clear from these products. There is, in fact, an alternative that you can use: baking soda and water.

What you need to complete the oven cleaning service is half a cup of baking soda with enough water to form a thick paste. Pour the baking soda into a bowl and start adding water till you get a nice spreadable consistency. Next, you will only need a steel wool pad, and you are set to begin.

Take your baking soda/water paste and spread it on the oven interior part of the oven door. Make sure you don’t miss any part of it and add more on areas that are particularly dirty. Let it sit for about 30 minutes. That is all the time it needs to work its magic on the accumulated grease and burnt-on food debris.

When the time is up, grab the scouring pad and scrub the area. Use circular motions and make sure you cover the entire area. You will notice the white paste start to turn brown. That is how you will know you are beginning to clean the door. Keep at it till the smooth glass surface is all you feel underneath the pad.

The result will be a pristine clean oven glass that you can easily see through. Such an easy oven cleaning service will greatly support your cooking efforts and make the oven a more pleasant part of your kitchen.

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