5 items you should not use to clean your car

Car ValetersCleaning your car by hand is perhaps the oldest and most readily available method for car cleaning out there. It is a good activity since cleaning is an essential part of car maintenance. Whether it is done by mobile car valeting experts or by hand, cleaning your car shouldn’t be a task you engage in only every so often.

Be that as it may, by all means, you shouldn’t use just about anything. The truth of the matter is this move hurts more than it helps. Your car will just not appreciate the treatment, which will cost you in the long run. Following are the 5 top products you are better off not using to clean the vehicle:

  • Abrasive scrubbers – just because there are caked-on grime, tar balls and salt deposits on the side sills doesn’t mean you should go all out with an abrasive scrubber. Steel wool would probably get rid of the contaminants, but also scratch the surface and thus cause severe damage. Avoid any such items at all costs. Instead, use concentrated amounts of engine degreaser or polishing compounds.
  • Dish soap – dish soap has been proven to cause irreparable damage to vehicles, and yet you are probably looking at the bottle right now thinking: ‘Why not go with it?’ The reason not to use this product is that of the degreasers and detergents found in the standard bottle, which can eat clear coat of the vehicle. The result is early fading and even corrosion. The risk is yours to take.
  • Glass cleaner – most household glass cleaners contain ammonia inside, which is precisely the reason why you should avoid using them on your car’s windshield. Yes, such a product may clean the surface and even polish it, but it can also leave unsightly stains on the dashboard. Besides, if you have window tint film, you can damage it severely by applying this kind of solution on it.
  • A dirty towel – one common mistake a lot of people make when it comes to cleaning their vehicle is leaving a dirty microfibre towel to dry up and then using that same item the next time. Even when such a cloth item seems clean, it is full of grime and dirt, which can leave scratches on the paint surface when you towel off the car next time. Wash all towels and rags once you are done with them and only use them if they have undergone such cleaning procedure.
  • Pressure washer – it is not that a pressure washer is a bad solution for your car; it is just that it is bad to use it everywhere and use it in the wrong way. For example, never pressure wash the engine bay, no matter how dirty it seems. If you are using a way too powerful pressure washer, you should keep in mind to stay away from the vehicle. Getting too close may lead to paint damage.

Now that you know what to avoid in your attempts to clean a car, you can better address the job. Tackle the job alone, or let mobile car valeting experts do it.

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