Here is how you can keep the car clean even if you are lazy

Valeting Services LondonTry as you might, your car is always going to end up a mess. Needless to say, cleaning it will take a lot of time and effort on your side to prevent that and ensure it is pleasantly clean and fresh. After all, you want to drive a well-maintained vehicle and not one that is dirty. There is always the car wash and mobile car valeting services available to aid you in that regard. But wouldn’t you want to take the easy way out and keep it clean without investing too much time and effort? Here is how:

  • Knock your shoes before you enter inside – whether it is snow, slush, rain, mud, dust or any other type of debris, you are best off keeping it outside of your car. You’d be surprised how much of a mess you make simply by coming into your vehicle without knocking your shoes outside. Make it a habit of sitting on the seat, legs out and knock your shoes together. A simple action like this will dispose of most of the debris accumulated there and keep your car interior clean. Then you will swivel inside and be ready to drive off.
  • Don’t eat there – this is a simple, yet effective strategy to keep the mess outside your car. Eating inside not only means you won’t have to bother with wrappers, cartons and another packaging, but also save you from stains and crumbs getting all over the seats.
  • Manage your children – children can quickly turn the cleanest vehicle into mess central. It is imperative that you implement strict rules about driving with them. Limit consumptions of food and drinks that can wreck the upholstery. Stay vigilant with them on board, and contain them when things escalate.
  • Deal with any mess promptly – if you accidentally spill your drink there or make any other type of mess, it is imperative that you clean it as soon as possible. Doing this will surely up your chances to remove it. Besides, it will be easier to do so while the mess is still fresh.
  • Keep the vehicle in the garage – you may not have a garage available, but if you do, then it is best to keep the car there. That way it will stay much cleaner. After all, you will be saving it from rain, dust, sun and those pesky birds roosting on the tree in front of your home. There are many things nature can throw at your vehicle, but not when it is safely garaged.
  • Keep a bag for trash – keeping a bag for trash in the car goes a long way in reducing the mess inside. Instead of tossing those energy drink cans on the backseat, you can keep them contained in the bag. Dispose of it when it gets and voila – you have a clean car without investing much effort in it.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to keep your vehicle organised and clean. It is up to you to implement these strategies and stay on top of the mess.

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