7 things your house cleaner wish you knew

Cleaning CompaniesWhen you hire a house cleaner, you can surely count on some nicely cleaned place. Such services save you a ton of effort and time, all without sacrificing cleanliness and good conditions in your home.

Yet, you should not think of house cleaners simply as means to an end. They are people too and often times will be left disappointed by something you did or didn’t do. There are great many things they may not tell, but most certainly wish you knew.

  • You should not have unrealistic expectations – many people hire house cleaners expecting to see their entire home cleaned from top to bottom That is rather unrealistic. Even though cleaners are professional at cleaning, they cannot do an entire house for example in a couple of hours. You need to give them enough time for the job, if you want it done properly.
  • Provide the cleaning products and equipment – unless you have hired a service, which comes with cleaning products and equipment included, you need to provide all of that. When they show up and you have nothing for them to use, then you can hardly expect decent outcome of their cleaning. You can be as picky as you wish when it comes to using cleaning products; just remember that these products need to be readily available for the cleaner to use when they arrive.
  • Pick up clutter – there is literally nothing worse for a cleaner than a house that has been made un-cleanable. One way of doing so is by having too much clutter lying around. Check if papers, toys and other items are present and remove them so that the cleaner can get to the surfaces underneath.
  • Provide guidelines – if you need your cleaner to clean some specific area, make sure you list that as a guideline. You can leave a note for your cleaner at home, or with the agency they work with. That way you can expect your needs to be met to a higher extent.
  • It is nice to go with safer cleaning product alternatives – if you are reluctant to use bleach and other harsh chemicals, then chances are your cleaner is too. After all, these products do pose some health risk. Therefore, you should avoid them when necessary and so should your cleaner. Turn to green cleaning alternatives, if you want them to feel safe.
  • Don’t thoroughly clean the place before the cleaner comes – you hire a cleaner to do that job for you after all. Why would you vacuum, wipe surfaces and clean the bathroom before they have even arrived then? That way they will only have a hard time telling what needs doing.
  • A little kindness goes a long way – if you want to keep the cleaner motivated, you can show small acts of kindness. For example, you can leave the a sticky not expressing your gratitude with a simple ‘thank you’. Or you can leave them a small gift of appreciation for the effort.

Now that you know all of these secrets your house cleaner wish you knew, your relationship with them is bound to become better.

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