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If the weather outside is nice and you have no other job to address, why not catch up with some long overdue car washing? After all, your car gathers quite a lot of dirt and spoils, even during short drives within the city. One of the finest ways to improve your driving experience is to get the vehicle you use to a perfectly clean state. This is possible, be it through booking mobile car valeting services, or handling the task on your own. If you’ve chosen the latter, here are some steps you should follow, if you wish to do it like a pro:

Do a pre-rinse – that’s one process of vehicle cleaning, which is usually skipped. However, ask any mobile car valeting pro and they’ll explain that doing a pre-wash is actually a vital phase of car cleaning. That is because you need to remove the gathered dirt and dust so that solid particles do not embed in the wash mitt or sponge or whatever cleaning tool you are using. If you’re using a jet wash or a hose, work from top to bottom, cleaning all parts carefully. Be very thorough around panel spaces and any areas where dirt gathers (roof rails for instance). Do not rush through this step, as it will make the rest of the process simpler.

Pre-wash – following is another preparatory step. During this step you clean the minor contaminants, like road salts and grime on the paintwork. If these aren’t lifted from your vehicle, you can inflict swirl marks at a later stage. Naturally, most of these impurities can be found on the lower part of the car, so focus your efforts there.

The 2-bucket-wash stage – you have reached the vital part now. During this step, you physically tackle the exterior of the vehicle with a wash mitt or sponge and a cleaning solution. A bucket should be filled with fresh water to wash the cleaning tool in, while the other should be a mix of cleaning product and water. Begin at the top and work your way down with the sponge/mitt. Saturate the cleaning tool with enough solution from the 2nd bucket and brush the exterior of the vehicle. Squeeze, rinse in clean water and then do it again.

Rinse – there are two choices for you here: one is to clean panel per panel (which is ideal on a sunny day), or you can clean the entire vehicle when you’re done. Clean from top and work to the bottom, letting water to sheet off of the paint.

Dry the car – it’s a good idea to avoid using a water blade, because any small amount of dirt can in fact damage the outside paint. It is recommended to use a drying microfibre cloth and gently clean the exterior without applying much pressure. It’s common to pat the surface, instead of wiping, in order to avoid marring.

Now that you know how to wash your car like an expert, you should not hesitate to do it. Your vehicle will be that much more fun to drive when it’s clean!

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