4 guidelines to cleaning a red wine stain on the carpet or rug

Curtain and Upholstery Cleaning Service London
Curtain and Upholstery Cleaning Service London

If there’s 1 thing that homeowners dread the most about their carpets, it must be seeing a glass of red wine shattering on the carpet. Let’s say you have a big party at home and one of your guests accidentally does just that. It’s very likely that you will forget about having fun and just start worrying about the carpet cleaning job you’ll soon enough be dealing with.

Believe it or not, removing red wine from the carpet is possible, although it requires a specialised approach. Say goodbye to the concerns and get to action by following these steps:
Blot the spot immediately – the most ideal thing you can do about the stain issue is blotting it. The quicker you do this, the better. Blotting is a process that involves removing as much of the wine as possible. You do this by gently dabbing a paper towel or a clean cloth on the stain.

Regardless of what tool you’re blotting with, make sure you change the areas of it to prevent staining the carpet even more. Remember, blotting is not the same as rubbing and scrubbing. If you take the incorrect action now, you can be sure that the stain will only be harder to clean, if not impossible.

Add some water to the spot – while you are still blotting the stain, you should add a little water; not a large amount by all means, but just enough to dilute it. The goal of this is to make the red wine easier to blot up. Remember, your objective isn’t to drown your carpet in water, but instead just dampen it a little. If the blot cloth gets too moist, change it in the process. Repeat this action until you notice that no more stain can actually be cleaned.

Make a baking soda substance – the next step includes mixing a baking soda solution. The ratio you can follow is three parts baking soda to 1 part water. This will keep the paste-like thickness and not make the paste too liquid or too flaky. After that, use this paste onto the stained area. Let it do its job till it’s 100% dry. Vacuum the paste afterwards. The idea of applying this paste is that baking soda has known absorbing qualities. Don’t worry about leaving baking soda on the carpet, as it can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Apply a carpet stain cleaner – if the stain is still there, you will need to go for a more specialised product. There are many carpet stain removal solutions available, but you have to be mindful when buying. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on the label and always test on a small area of the carpet first. By doing that you’ll know the product is safe and that you’ll not damage the carpet.

By following these four guidelines, you will be able to deal with a red wine stain. Remember, keep it cool and follow the steps correctly for a positive outcome.

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