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Most individuals are aware that substances utilised in the cleaning process can often be really harmful. For those who aren’t – the agents utilised to remove some tough stains, burned food, dirt and grease are often strong substances that dissove organic tissue. Without trying to make it sound especially gloomy – it’s really easy to protect yourself and clean safely and effectively as well. Here we will show you the right way to use your commercial oven cleaner products and also a few natural solutions for individuals who are sensitive to strong substances or just dislike using them.

Generally, what you need to do in order to use your oven cleaners to their top efficiency without harming yourself is as shown below:

– Get ready your oven for cleaning – Before you begin, boil some water (several cups) and place it in a container into the oven. Close the lid and let it sit for about 30 minutes to an hour. The steam produced by the boiling water, along with the heat, will soften and loosen the hard grease and burned foods left in the oven, thus making the cleaning process much easier.

– Utilise a blunt knife or a spoon – Any relatively sharp tool will do the trick. Use it to peel off and remove any cooked or hard burned food left on the interior of your oven as well as tough burned grease.

– Cover the floor beneath your oven – While you are scrubbing away, much of the dirt may easily land on the floor. Prevent cleaning it twice by putting paper or towels.

– Use gloves – That has to be obvious, but it’s definitely worth to mention. You are going to be using substances which are toxic for the skin. Even when you use natural solutions, it is still better to keep them away from the body.

– Utilise a microfiber cloth and a scrubbing brush – It is not that a sponge doesnt do the job, but you could save time with one hard scrubbing brush (use silicone, that does not damage the surface of the oven) and you definitely don’t want to wipe it off with a paper or disintegratable towel that would stay and burn in your oven. Microfiber cloths are the most appropriate decision. The less time you inhale toxic fumes, the better.

– Freshen the space – That is also a no-brainer – just open your windows and let the fresh air remove the fumes.

– Switch to a natural method or solution – If you are a fan of DIY products or eco-friendly solutions, you can utilise the well known baking soda, water and vinegar mix. Detergent water and baking soda and a drop of dish detergent and turn it into a thick paste. Spread it onto the whole interior of your oven, let it stay for a while, then spray with vinegar and wipe it off. It works like a charm. One more eco-friendly idea is to use the new generation of microfiber gloves and cloths released on the market that clean with water only.

As you can clearly see, these methods will avoid skin damage, save effort and time, which in turn results in less toxic fumes inhaled. If you decide to utilise all or some of the tips, you are sure to make the oven cleaning experience much easier and your health better.

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