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Hiring a cleaning agency for your house may be like a simple task, but that’s not in reality the case. There are multiple things you have to consider prior to basing the final solution and signing an agreement with some agency. Here’s a guide which requires your attention in the process:

Figure out what you want. Before you call a cleaning firm you must be aware just what work has to be competed in the house. For instance, do you want routine or thorough cleaning of your property? There is a clear difference between the two things. Regular cleaning is done repeatedly in order to guarantee that your property stays free of spoils. On the other hand, thorough cleaning is required when having visitors or after having a wild party with a lot of mess left behind. Most firms can also offer different services especially for your needs (like washing the windows or maintaining the garden). You only have to clearly explain your needs to them.

Make an interview. When you have figured what you prefer, it’s time to contact the company that can just handle the project for you. A face to face interview in your home is a very good way to discuss all the vital details. Share your requirements and ask them everything you need to know. This is the appropriate time to find more details about the company, their cleaners and how they work. And, certainly, how much each one of their services will cost you. Additionally, there are tasks that are considered additional service (like cleaning the oven or the fridge). When you prefer them to be completed by the cleaners, you might have to make more payments. It’s vital to be 100% aware of all these points before signing the final agreement.

Talking about other job details. After you’ve negotiated the price and the type of service you need, it’s time to clear out some other facts about the working procedure. Does the firm provide the required cleaning products and equipment? And then again, do you have some special solutions that you want to be utilised (for example eco-friendly products)? The firm‘s schedule is also a key question. Do they provide services at weekends, as well? Will they call you the previous day to plan your ETA (estimated time of arrival)? And last but not least, the forms of payment they take. Most reliable agencies deliver various ways to pay your fees (like cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa etc.). But you must ask them early so that you can prevent any unpleasant surprises over the cleaning course.
Well, these are the key steps when booking a cleaning agency. Follow each one of them with caution and ensure you don’t forget any detail that might have a major impact on you and your home.

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