The proper way to clean car windows

Car ValetClean car windows don’t just make the overall appearance of the vehicle better, but they also play a crucial role in improving visibility when driving. Mobile car valeting services present an excellent opportunity to clean your car’s glass surfaces properly, but you should learn to do it on your own as a long-term solution.

If you want to efficiently clean car windows, you need to understand the main challenges. For one, you have to be careful what solutions you use, as some window films are susceptible to damage. Additionally, you need to be careful not to get moisture between the film and the glass. Follow these techniques, if you wish to learn how to clean your vehicle’s windows efficiently:

  • Don’t resort to ammonia – a lot of glass cleaners on the market contain ammonia. You need to understand that this ingredient doesn’t work well regarding car cleaning. It can damage vinyl, rubber and leather. Ammonia fumes are dangerous when using in confined spaces, such as the inside of a car. Then there is also the risk of damage to a window tint film. All of this goes to show that you should avoid any product with ammonia.
  • Discover microfibre towels – microfibre towels are like superheroes of the car cleaning world. There is a wide range of stains that you can clean with them. Pick a towel with a tight weave, for better scrubbing.
  • Specialized care for tinted windows – tinted car windows have a thin film, which makes cleaning them more difficult. What you need for the job is a soft damp cloth. As for a cleaning solution, opt for soapy water, as it is the safest. You do not want to use a heavy-duty ammonia-based cleaner, as you will damage the film. You can also resort to a spray foam glass cleaner to tackle especially dirty tinted car windows.
  • Proper wipe down – even if you have all the tools and products for cleaning your car’s windows, you may still encounter some trouble. To minimise them, you will do well to adopt the proper technique. For instance, you should spray your solution on the towel instead of directly on the glass. Once you have taken care of the grime, you need a microfibre towel for the remaining residue. That way you will avoid unpleasant streaks and marks on the window.
  • Dealing with water spots – water spots contamination can occur throughout the week, even after a thorough wash. The best way to remove these is to use a glass polish product. First, apply a foam applicator and then finish with a microfibre towel. Cleaning water spots goes a long way in reducing etch marks in the long run.
  • Some attention to wipers – wipers are especially important throughout the winter and autumn, so make sure you keep them in top condition. Make it a habit of cleaning the rubber of the wipers whenever you are cleaning your car. Remove the dirt with a damp cloth.

Following all of these tips can ensure that your vehicle’s windows are in top condition. Mobile car valeting services or not; you can learn how to take care of this task on your own.

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