Four ways you are making cleaning a lot more difficult than it needs to be

Domestic House Cleaners London
Domestic House Cleaners London

It’s rather sad that keeping your house in decent state at all times can be so difficult. It means that instead of using your time the way you want, you’re stuck with frustrating tasks that don’t seem to have an end.

Have you thought about the fact that one reason for chores being so difficult is that you are not doing them properly? There are quite a few mistakes you can make when cleaning, which unnecessarily complicate things or make them even more boring. You’ll do well to learn those and avoid them in the best way you can to ensure a good cleaning result:

Using a feather duster – even though it’s lovely, this cleaning tool actually holds more of an aesthetic value and not so much cleaning. It’s just not that effective at cleaning dust from surfaces, which is supposed to be its main function. The outcome of using a feather duster normally is just dust being spread from one area to another. Rather than using that, you should just get a microfibre towel. It catches the dust particles and retains them, ensuring the cleaning outcome is viable.

Cleaning windows on a sunny day – even though you may be more motivated to clean windows on a sunny day, it’s actually more challenging and ineffective. The reason for this is that the heat will quickly dry up the cleaner, before you’ve had a chance to remove it. Because of this, there will be streaks all over the window. To avoid this, you ought to just do the task in a different time.

Emphasise on window cleaning in the morning/afternoon or do this job on a cloudy day.
Not cleaning the hoover – the hoover is one trusty cleaning device. In any case, it too deserves some cleaning effort. If you skip this job, you risk spreading the dust. Don’t wait for the vacuum bag to get full and clean the filters from time to time.

You forget about bathroom fan – one item you’ll most probably forget while on cleaning duty is the bathroom fan. Since it is hidden, it’s easy to clean anything in the bathroom but the fan. In case you are only now considering this job, prepare for a bad surprise. When you open the panel, you will find the fan covered in dust. Wipe it down (after switching it off) and take apart any elements that you can put back together later. As far as this device is concerned, make sure you turn it on each time you take a bath. That is a proven method to reduce bathroom cleaning tasks in the future. The less moisture there is, the less cleaning difficulties you will face.

Once you have learned to avoid these general errors, you will see that cleaning is in fact manageable. At the very least, you will not have to do it all again in a short while.

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