5 genius cleaning hacks you wish you knew earlier

Window Cleaning Services LondonBecoming better at cleaning is often times a question of motivating yourself, but at times it’s also about acquiring some knowledge. You must always be on the lookout to increase your expertise on ways to clean more effectively and faster.

If you want to become a better cleaner, you must always be ready to experiment with various methods and techniques. You must be willing to expand what you already know and try out tips that have been proven to work by others.

Listed are some in this category, which you’ll surely love:

Clean your upholstery with bicarbonate of soda – one of the greatest cleaning solutions you will ever come across is baking soda. That is right; this pantry staple is in fact used in numerous cleaning formulas meant for more of an environmentally-friendly approach to cleaning. If your upholstered furniture has become stained and smells quite unpleasant, you can utilise baking soda to treat it. Brush the upper surface to clean dust and other spoils. After that, add baking soda on the part you want to clean. Wait for about 20 minutes and vacuum it. You’ll immediately tell the difference.

Clean the dishwasher in an eco-friendly manner – sometimes the dishwasher can get very dirty with food remains, soap scum and grease. This is only normal, as a lot of scum passes through this appliance. It is a nice thing that you can now fully utilise a tested cleaning technique that involves baking soda and vinegar. Just fill a dishwasher-safe cup with vinegar and spread baking soda on the bottom of the dishwasher. Select a short dishwashing cycle with hot water.

Vacuum the air conditioner vent lids – the vent lids of your AC can definitely accumulate a lot of dust. In order to address that, you can make use of the right attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Pick an attachment that can help you get in all available space and clean as much dust particles as possible.

Remove shower scum – isn’t it somewhat strange that your bathroom quickly turns from clean to spoiled? This area of your home is used on a daily basis, so it is crucial to maintain it as clean as possible. Thankfully, there is an easy method to deal with all of that soap scum and grime building up in the bathroom area. Simply fill a spray bottle with vinegar and dishwashing detergent. Let it sit for some time and rub with an old toothbrush or sponge.

Clean baseboards with a brush – if it’s been some time since you cleaned the baseboards, you must address this chore now. First, you should use a dry rag or a broom to clean as much dust as possible. After that get a bucket and a sponge and sanitise the baseboards. This will clean any left over dust and leave the baseboards looking perfect. Use a moist rag to clean soap residue.

By using these cleaning tricks, your home cleaning skills will definitely improve. You’ll be happy that you learned of these methods, as they are highly useful.

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