Cleaning different types of stove tops

Professional Oven CleanersIf you are all about making your kitchen look super clean, then cleaning the stovetop should be a main priority. If you are a cooking enthusiast, it is one area that will accumulate some spoils over time, and it is up to you to address them during your oven cleaning efforts.

Cleaning the stovetop is largely a matter of knowing what works best for the given material. Based on that, you will know how to approach the task so that you ensure the best outcome. Below you will find strategies for cleaning few of the most common stovetops.

  • Cleaning a flat stove top – keeping that flat surface clean proves more challenging than you think. Before anything else, you need a creamy cleaner and a scraper for removing sticky residue. These are products that go easy on the surface, without scratching it. Doing any type of damage to such a surface is a genuine concern that you should keep in mind. In order to maintain the surface clean, you need to act after every meal. Don’t wait till food residue has had the chance to dry and become tough to remove. As soon as the hot surface indicator light turns off, it is your time to shine, or rather – to shine the flat surface stove top.
  • Cleaning glass cook top – these are popular for many kitchens and it is easy to see why. They come with improved safety features, but above all else, they are easy to clean. Wiping them with a damp cloth after every meal cooked is easy enough. If there is a tough stain, you can use a scraper. Don’t press too hard, or you risk scratching the surface.
  • Cleaning electric stove coil burners – cooking is sometimes a messy business. You should not look surprised as you notice a spill on the stovetop or even on the electric burners. Once again, as soon as you notice a spill, be sure to clean it. If it has ended up on the coils, you will want to remove it as soon possible, since it will burn the next time you use them. Grab a toothbrush and apply some of your preferred oven cleaner. Rinse with water and wait for the coils to dry completely before you use them again.
  • Cleaning gas stove top burners – before you clean anything, you should remove the burners/drip pans. Place them in a plastic bag and add in a quarter cup of ammonia. The strong solution will do its job. Before you know it, the burners will be looking as good as new.

By now you should have learned that no matter what stove top you are using, it is important to clean it regularly after each meal. It only makes sense to provide such oven cleaning service, as you don’t want to see burnt-on food there, which requires more effort. Try to be careful in your cooking efforts and you will keep this part of the oven looking good.

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