The different types of vacuum cleaners you can pick from

Carpet Cleaning LondonYou know that vacuum cleaning is important and you want to invest in a good hoover. Which one do you choose? There are several different types out there and knowing which one does best what you wish is crucial for successful carpet cleaning. It is no good investing in a hoover that doesn’t do the job right. Read to learn what each of the different vacuum cleaners are and what they are best at:

  • Handheld – these the ideal pick for hard-to-reach spots that are in dire need of cleaning. Perhaps the most popular use these vacuum cleaners see is cleaning cars. There are a lot of tight areas, nooks and crannies in a car and a handheld vacuum cleaner is the best pick for those. The small size and the convenient weight allow for navigating around the dashboard and removing the dust from the vents and around the shaft with little effort. You can also use them to address areas under the seats, as a lot of dust accumulates there as well. Keep in mind though that handheld vacuum cleaners are hardly a good option for floor cleaning. It would take you forever to finish such a task, for which you are better off with some other heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.
  • Upright – these are among the most popular types of vacuum cleaners. A vertical machine is probably the one thing you associate when you hear the word ‘vacuum cleaner’. The best thing about them is power. Their suction is quite strong, making them an ideal pick for cleaning up the house. An added benefit to them is the fact that they are easy to use and understand. Many new models come with added functionality to clean bare floors, as well as carpets. One downside is that they aren’t as versatile and don’t make for easy cleaning of stairs.
  • Stick – stick vacuums benefit from allow you to reach narrow spaces around your home. They are great to use on hardwood floors, carpeting and rugs. They come with a long handle and slim construction. These vacuum cleaners are easy to store and make for an excellent addition to any closet space.
  • Canister – the medium between the stick and upright models is the canister vacuum. With their slender frame and big power, these vacuum cleaners are functional enough to use on carpeted areas as well as bare floors. They are usually not that cheap, but they are worth the investment.
  • Robot vacuum cleaners – these have become quite popular in recent years since they are autonomous. A robot vacuum roams freely around the place and removes any small mess in the way. Not only does this save you time, but also allow to clean areas you may forget about on your regular cleaning round. They are a great addition to any household.

No matter which vacuum cleaner you pick, make sure it fits your needs. You don’t want to pay money for a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t support your carpet cleaning efforts.

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