How to select the most suitable carpet for your home or office

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You have finished a gigantic home renovation project and you want to replace the outdated carpets and furniture with new ones? Maybe your old carpet is too worn out and you feel uncomfortable to invite people to the living room? No matter what your reason is, you should do a cautious evaluation of the products available on the market before you settle for a new one. But how can you pick the most suitable type of carpet given the immense variety of designs, sizes and materials? Here are some questions you must ask yourself prior to a purchase.

Decide on the material – your pick of a material must be determined by the place where you will install the carpet. If you need a carpet for an office visited by hundreds of people per day, you should consider a carpet made of nylon. It is regarded as the most durable material. If you require a carpet for your living room and you prefer to minimise the damage of accidental stains, polyester is a suitable option because of its stain-resistant properties. If you want to add a classy sparkle to the room, get a woollen carpet. Wool is soft and looks classy, but it stains very easily. Getting a woollen carpet means you will have to book carpet cleaning services on a regular basis. If you choose a material instead of wool, professional cleaning visits can be limited to one or two times per year.

Check quality – there are a few aspects that would help you determine whether or not the carpet you have picked justifies its price tag. The first thing you must check is the number of ounces of fibre per square yard. The higher the number is, the the greater resilience the carpet possesses. You also have to look for a tuft twist of five or more as that determines your carpet durability. The third consideration is thickness of the fibres. Look for a carpet with a density rating of at least 2000. In case you choose a lower density score, that indicates you get a low-quality carpet.

Staple fibre construction or BCF carpet? – the main difference between the staple fibre and the Bulked Continuous Filament is that the staple ones require a more thorough vacuuming. Besides, they are not the top choice in case you have a breathing disease or allergies. Still, it does not mean they are lower quality while compared to the BCF. If you choose staple fibres, you can simply book professional carpet cleaning frequently and you have your issue solved.

Do not save from a carpet pad – carpet pads are a commonly overlooked part of the carpet installation. A well selected pad can increase the life of the rug, but the wrong one will achieve the opposite of the desired effect. Remember to choose a slimmer pad for high traffic areas.
Finally, don’t go with the lowest price. Explore the market and purchase a carpet with the best quality-price ratio.

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