How to remove gum and adhesives from the carpet

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Carpets and rugs endure a lot of wear and tear and you have to familiarise yourself with the most effective methods for cleaning spots and bad smells. However, there are few cases when the mixture of baking soda and vinegar doesn’t help. If you have the challenging job of removing chewing gum from the carpet, you’d better save yourself the time and effort of making baking soda paste. Rather, use these tricks.

Get the suitable tools – the first thing you have to do is scrape excess gum or adhesives from the carpet. To do that, you will have to use a plastic or metal spatula. You can also get specialised tools in home improvement stores. They have sharp points and they are specifically designed to help you with daunting jobs such as gum or adhesive removal.

Ice cube method – put an ice cube on the affected area, so that the chewing gum hardens. Then, scrape it off with a blunt knife or a spatula. In point of fact, there are special solutions on the market that do the same job. You use a minor amount of the spray on the carpet and the spray hardens the gum/adhesive allowing you to easily scrape it.

High temperature versus gums and adhesives – you can also try the opposite scenario – ease the chewing gum or the adhesive residue and remove it from the carpet. Still, there is a small detail you have to be aware of. This method works best with professional carpet cleaning tools. The gum/adhesive is melted by the high temperature and then the machine lifts most of it. If there is a small stain to treat, put a cloth on the affected area, heat it with an iron and hope the chewing gum/adhesive is absorbed into the cloth. Alternatively, you can simply stick to the ice cube technique. Even if it does not lead to the desired result, at least you will not damage your carpet.

Use solvents in acceptable quantities – solvents can do an excellent job for sure. The gel solvents are said to be most efficient in dissolving residue, although dry ones are believed to work much quicker than the wet ones. Despite the kind of solution you use, make sure you do not apply too much. Also, let it sit for at least 5 minutes, then wash with hot water mixed with some dishwashing detergent.

Even if you succeed in removing most of the gum/adhesive, you cannot fully remove the residue. To remedy the situation, you can either buy expensive cleaning products of doubtful quality or simply rearrange the next carpet cleaning visit and let professionals recover the condition of your carpet. Steam cleaning machines can fully clean chewing gum and adhesive residue granted that you do not leave the surfaces untreated for some time. When you ignore the rugs, you will most probably have no alternative but to accept the “gum defect” and think of creative ways to conceal it.

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