Five things to know before you use the oven self-cleaning function

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning London
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning London

If you have had enough oven cleaning problems already and you have acquired a self-cleaning oven, it’s advisable to delay celebrations for now. While it’s true that such oven can save you plenty of effort and time, you must use its function wisely.

Self-cleaning appliances have been around for a long period. It’s surprising then that so many people still cannot make the most out of their great appliance. If you prefer to use the self-clean function wisely, you’ll do well to educate yourself on a few things about it first:

Consider when to self-clean – if you are unsure when to utilise the self-cleaning option of your appliance, you should just take a look inside. If you notice that there are spills on the base or the side walls of the appliance, then a self-clean cycle is needed. Food residue and debris can accumulate in the oven cavity. That gives you the thumbs up to go for the self-clean function.

How often do you use the oven – another very important factor for how often you should clean is the frequency of your cooking. After all, if you cook often, it is only reasonable for the oven to build up some food residue, in which case you will have to sanitise it. Now, it is obvious that you should not run the self-cleaning cycle for every little spot, but instead only when the mess is more harsh. Normally, cooking more often will cause this build-up of food to add up quickly, which dictates the requirement to self-clean more regularly.

Understand the function – the most widespread type of self-cleaning appliance is the one that heats up and burns the accumulated spoils inside to ash. The temperature indoors can get up to a thousand degrees F, which is kept for a few hours. For this reason, it’s important to know that the oven should cool off 100% before you clean the ash on the bottom. Furthermore, you may need to ventilate the area due to the high heat and the unpleasant odours caused by the heated residue.

Keep safety in mind – if you have pet birds near the oven, you should move them somewhere safe during the self-cleaning cycle. That is because carbon monoxide is released. That can be especially dangerous not just to birds, but also small animals and even humans. There may also be smoke coming from the appliance, which can activate fire detectors. In general, it’s best to open all windows and turn on the vent fans.

Do not self-clean just before a big holiday – there’s a logical reason why it is best not to utilise the self-cleaning function before a huge holiday. It’s known that self-cleaning may lead your oven to malfunction and wear more. Give it a break to be able to prevent potential harm.
Obviously, having a self-cleaning appliance does not mean you should give up oven cleaning entirely. You should use the function wisely and not overdo it.

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