Reduce the office clutter with these simple tricks

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Think about the following situation. The deadline for an important project is approaching, a co-worker of yours is asking for help with the invoices and the interns are waiting for you to give them new tasks. On the other hand, you understand that being snowed under with tasks means you have no chance to take a lunch break and ask your co-workers to buy you some fast food on their way back to the office. You engulf the burgers while searching for an important folder under the piles of paperwork scattered around your desk. Sounds familiar to you, right? Sad as it might seem that is a normal routine for most people and to a certain extent, the clutter around their office is justified. However, there’s also another side of the coin. The mess makes you less efficient and you waste a lot of time in searching for the items you need. Is there an easy to apply solution to this issue? Of course, there is.

Get rid of useless paperwork immediately – you probably have tons of useless papers you keep on your desk for no reason at all. The best thing you could do is to destroy them. Yes, you ought to get rid of them, not simply throw them in the trash bin. For that purpose, you’d better get yourself a paper shredder or ask for expert assistance. There are a lot of commercial cleaning companies out there that have eco-friendly paper shredding in the list of available services.

Clean as you go – don’t leave the leftovers from lunch on the desk. Don’t wait for the next visit of the commercial cleaning company to restore the good condition of the floor. Instead, make sure you leave no food crumbs on the carpet. If you notice a thin layer of dust on your desk, wipe it down immediately.

Good organisation is the key – you have many folders and you waste half an hour each time you want to find the physical copy of a vital document? The best approach you can take is to arrange your things once and for good. It’s up to you whether you’ll line up the folders alphabetically or you will learn to differentiate them by colour. The most important thing is to save yourself time and energy in future.

Clear up the drawers – drawers are also prone to cluttering as throwing something you do not currently need in the drawer is the easiest way to clear up your desk. Eventually you realise that the drawers are overflowing with broken pencils, scattered staples, books you intended to read during your lunch break, and all kinds of less or more useful stuff. Take a garbage bag and throw away the things you keep for no reason.

Keeping the workplace organised is a hard but not an impossible task. Take your time to apply the above mentioned methods and make your life as well as the life of your office cleaners much easier.

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