Commercial cleaning London experts share frequent carpet cleaning mistakes

Contract-Cleaning-LondonThe carpeting in your office is of utmost importance. It’s interior feature that is immediately noticed and sees a lot of use as well. Often times commercial cleaning London experts pay the most attention to carpets, which is only natural, considering the previously mentioned points.

With regards to carpet cleaning, there are a lot of things you have to remember in order to be successful at the task. It is a true shame when preventive maintenance and carpet cleaning efforts fall short. Errors are probable and you must know which are the most likely, so that you can prevent them. Only that way can the life of carpets in your workplace be prolonged. Consider the following:

Overlooking the carpets – if the carpet does not look filthy, it can go without any cleaning, right? Wrong! Carpets and rugs see a lot of foot traffic and accumulate a lot of dust and solid particles. Due to this fact, even when a carpet looks clean on the surface, it may be filled with dust particles ingrained deep in the fibres. Soils embedded within the carpet can in fact lead to damage. Never forget that carpets require non-stop care and cleaning.

Applying too much water – hot water extraction is a great method for cleaning all kinds of carpets and rugs. Still, it is important to remember that it should be carried out by professionals. The goal is to apply the suitable amount of water so that the carpet can dry out quickly. Water can harm carpets and the more it takes to dry, the more unhealthy bacteria and organisms will thrive on the wet carpet. Other than that, there’s also the danger of negative odours coming from the carpet. One more danger that extra moisture presents is helping to loosen the adhesive at the backing of the carpet, which causes permanent harm.

Utilising the inappropriate products – the actual problem here is doing business with a firm that has a contract with a local area cleaning solutions distributor, whose objective is to advertise as many products as possible, not try them out them. That way the cleaning service you have booked may end up utilising inappropriate cleaning solutions and in fact damage your carpet and not help it. Before you hire a business, ensure you ask what products they are utilising. A respectable firm will not utilise untested products and solutions.

Not training the staff to do professional carpet cleaning – when cleaning in the office is dealt with by people of your company’s staff, then you must take special care in their training. Carpets are properly handled only when the people engaged with cleaning know what they are dealing with. It will not be a nice thing to have aforementioned errors done by your cleaners. Proper training means that’s not the case.

Commercial cleaning London specialists warn of these mistakes, because they can be costly. Pay attention and you will maintain the carpet in excellent shape at all times.

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