Six steps to perfectly cleaned alloy wheels

Cleaning Company London
Cleaning Company London

If you’ve equipped your car with alloy wheels, you have to ensure that they’re well maintained and cleaned. You may not be able to enlist mobile car valeting services all of the time, or even drive to the car wash, but one thing is certain: you need to clean the wheels on a regular basis. This will guarantee that they stay in top shape and are safe from decay. Additionally, it will extend their life by a lot and save you money in the long run. Here is the process you should follow to guarantee the wheels are getting the best care:

Wash fully – the first step of the cleaning process is cleaning the wheels with a hose or a jet washer. You can use a hose with a fine steam of water too, because this ensures enough moisture gets at the rear of the wheels. That’s where the most dirt and grime accumulates anyway.

Clean with a sponge – after that, get a soft sponge, wet it and then softly rub the exterior of the wheels. The main goal behind this is to remove as much dirt as possible. It also reduces the chance of scratching the surface of the wheels later on during the cleaning process.

Remove grime with a specialised cleaner – it’s best to approach this task with a specially formulated product. Don’t go for acid-based products, as they can eat away at the lacquer of the wheels. Combine cleaner with water in a bucket based on manufacturer’s instructions. Dip a sponge and rub the wheels with it. Since you have already taken care of a great portion of the dirt during step 2, you should not be afraid to scrub harder, as required. Get an old toothbrush to reach the cracks of the wheels.

Wash it out completely again – once you’re done scrubbing, you should spray the wheels with a hose again. Your goal is to get rid of the cleaning product completely. Focus on each wheel individually. Consider that going through steps three and 4 one wheel at a time can stop the cleaning solution from drying out.

Dry the wheels – use a chamois or a microfibre cloth to dry the wheels. It is preferable to do this in order to avoid scratches. It is also a good idea to deal with the job in the shade, because heavy sun causes any water and cleaning solution to dry out too fast.

Focus on remaining stains – at times tough stains can persist through the wash and scrub. You can approach cleaning rust with aluminum foil and cola – just sand the wheels using the foil after soaking it in cola. Vinegar does wonders against grease on alloy wheels. Lemon juice can be utilised to give the wheels some shine. To finish the task, you can add wax to make the alloy wheels really stand out.

Obviously, this wheel cleaning process does not require much time and effort. Dedicate yourself to it to guarantee your alloy wheels are in top condition.

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