What landscape gardening duties there are in October?

landscape-londonWith environment temperature decreasing quickly, you may believe that your landscape gardening work should eventually stop. Still, professional gardeners say that there are still multiple chores that have to be addressed in the month of October.

When you are interested in gardening, you recognise the fact that backyard life is making preparations for the winter season, but that does not mean activity stops thoroughly. What this means for you as the one watching over your garden is that there are still some tasks to deal with. Make sure you do not disregard any of these tasks:

In the flower area – in case you have plants that aren’t resistant to frost, it’s a wise strategy to add fleece or take them to a warmer place – in your house or in your greenhouse. Dahlia, Gladiolus and Begonia tubers should be raised and kept dry over the winter months. Remember to remove old foliage before you do that. It is time you utilise your plant holders and plant them with some winter season bedding plants (Clematis is a wonderful option). Lay down bark chips, leaf mould or rotted compost mulch material to help roots insulation in the cold season.

In the vegetable garden – October is the time to complete harvesting multiple veggies – peas, beans, pumpkins, squashes and cabbages should all be collected before the first frost. Cut peas and beans at low height when you are done harvesting. When you are setting up on growing beans the following year, get the site ready by excavating a trench and adding kitchen waste material. At this time you can plant autumn onion sets and garlic bulbs for the next the summer season. If you’re feeling like testing, you can now do so with a mushroom kit.

In the fruit patch – summer fruiting raspberries should have their fruited canes cut back, as that will leave fresh green canes for the following year’s harvest. All citrus trees should be brought inside, preferably save from areas with cold draughts and heaters. Keep in mind that autumn is the ideal time to plant new fruit trees. In case you see dead fruits on the branches or the ground under trees, ensure you remove them so that they don’t contribute to any infestation.

In your greenhouse – it’s a good idea to give your greenhouse a thorough clean around that time. The aim is to let more light in and reduce the odds of pests and diseases. Be sure to remove shading, for the reason greenhouse plants require as much light as possible. After all, the greenhouse will shelter more vulnerable plants, and they require adequate light.

Caring for your lawn – autumn is the time of fallen leaves, so ensure you’re prepared to process this job. Trim one last time before winterising your lawn. Don’t delay any last minute lawn maintenance tasks, as there’s a possibility of compacting and waterlogging otherwise. Lay down new turf so that autumn rains can settle it effectively.

Make sure you address all of these landscape gardening chores in an appropriate manner so that you can ensure your efforts are successful.

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