Top 6 plants ideal for landscape gardening in your cottage garden

gardener-londonWhen you are passionate about sowing flowers and similar, yet if you have no way to invest time and skills, then a cottage garden is your top choice. Basically, this is still a garden with a crucial difference: you can skip on some aspects of of the garden care and landscape gardening chores, and it’ll still thrive.

Aesthetics, maintenance and looks take a secondary role here, which leaves only a single important thing: selecting plants that are self-sufficient and do not need that much attention. So obviously the biggest factor is to pick plants that are easy-going, non-invasive and are considered no-hassle. By doing that you can get your garden off to a perfect start right away and enjoy the place without investing a great deal of time and effort on gardening. Here are several examples of such plants to get you started:

Catmint – this enduring perennial plant can grow all the way from initial to the last frost, and the great thing is you will not even have to spend that much effort in care. It’s a flowering plant, which also acts as a natural repellent for insect pests, making it a good choice if you are enthusiastic about green-oriented gardening solutions. You will do good to consider that the catmint, much like other plants of the mint family, can quickly spread in your garden space, outside of the intended reach. Certain control is necessary.

Daisy – a number of the English Daisies are considered extremely invasive, though you can overcome this with a number of similar plants of the species: false daisies, northern daisies and arctic daisies. These are all solid plants that thrive in the cold weather. When you cannot invest much time in garden space maintenance, you needn’t worry. On the upside, you get to create beautiful bouquets from them.

Various varieties of ferns – the fern plant is consistent as it’ll survive in nearly any growing conditions, although the ideal location for it is a not too warm shady spot. Fern is regarded as a hassle-free plant that quite a number of gardeners choose for their cottage garden.

Delphinium – in case you mean to include these plants with fascinating azure flower petals, you must know that they can reach great heights. As the plant reaches 6 feet in height, staking is one thing you’ll need to consider. Still, it’s all worth it, once these plants show their true beauty.

Foxglove – this is a biennial woodland plant, which provides erect ball-shaped flowers on spikes. Based on the type, it can grow from 2 all the way to 6 feet in height, which may call for staking. Although the plant is biennial, the plant will often self-seed and appear every single year. The white, pink or purple colours are always a perfect view.
Lavender – Lavender is an outstanding option for all cottage gardens, because of its aromatic flowers and foliage. The blooms make for great drying material, which can be included in sachets and other such crafting projects.
Incorporating a few of these plants in your landscape gardening efforts for the cottage garden is surely an excellent strategy.

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