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Who doesn’t need a flower garden? Well, even when you haven’t considered featuring your garden exactly with flowers, I am sure you will not say no some fresh colours and something a bit different than just grass. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a fairytale garden, full of pink orchids and vibrant roses, or if you wish a macho plant garden packed with carnivorous plants – you will need to know ways to make it happen. Luckily it is very straightforward to create and if you have some willpower (or money to install water timed sprinklers) your plants and flowers will live long and happy lives.

What you’ll need is shovels and trowels (depending on the size of the flowers), extension cord or backyard hose, to mark the exterior of the flower bed and plastic or tarp to eliminate the grass and other plant life thriving underneath where the bed would be located. Also you will require sod staples to fix it to the ground adequately. After acquiring all of that, determine the borders of the bed using the extension cord. The shape is up to your taste, but curves would usually look superior. Then place the black plastic or tarp, so that it covers the entire surface and tuck it beneath the extension cord. Nail in the sod staples into the turf to fixate the plastic and the wire into place. After that it’s time to place the soil. It’s preferable to mount the bed because it presents improved water drainage for the flowers and you do not want them to drown, do you? When all of that is done, you’re ready to sow your flowers into the bed. When obtaining flowers, you best ensure that they’re well by taking them out of the pots in the nursery. What you need is the roots to be spread evenly in the root ball. You don’t want the turf to crumble, but also you don’t need to see only roots too. Dig a hole about 1.5 times as deep and wide of the root ball and coat the plant with turf slightly lifting towards it. After that you’re ready to mulch. You want to mulch all of the unfilled space between the flowers and irrigate them properly on the 1st day. There you are – your very own flower garden is complete! When you really wish to get fancy, you can add a brick border and even irrigation system to improve it to a professional level.

To sum things up the methodology is very easy to work to and can be easily finished in a day. Regardless if you are a follower of landscape gardening- it’s always great to improve the view with natural tones and enjoyable smells. Many people actually use it to grow vegetables and employ the field in their backyard. Regardless of how you prefer it, once you start looking for a garden of plants it is almost certain to become a hobby. Proceed and check it out, call our associates on 020 3322 6097.

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