Guidelines to take your garden area to the next level

Gardening-LondonWhen properly designed, your garden can become more than a patch of grass around your house. Instead, it can be transformed into a relaxing outdoor retreat where you could spend time soaking in the sun and creating valuable memories with your favourite people. The following creative Gardening London ideas will help you transform a boring outdoor space into an impressive getaway:

Add a fountain

Adding a water fountain to your outdoor space will help to create a soothing atmosphere. The sound of running water not only calms the mind and recharges your body, but it helps to block out road noise or other distractions.

Consider putting a natural stone fountain in a hidden corner of your garden. Put a bench or lounger close by to help you rest and enjoy the sound of the water. Then again, you can take a more modern technique by fitting a wall fountain next to your patio. The cleaner look provides gentle water sounds, but could be a better fit if your home has modern structure.

Install pathways

Building a network of pathways through your garden can not only help to break up the area, but can turn a trip through your yard into a fascinating adventure. For a whimsical look, use mosaic stepping stones to design the pathways. If you want a far more natural design, marble pavers are usually a great choice.

Create one or more special nooks

Part of landscape gardening is finding ways to make the space more calming. Creating special hidden nooks is a good way to achieve this. For example, try building a small pergola in one corner of your garden. Place weather-proof sheer curtains on three of the edges to create the feeling of an outdoor room. Lastly, surround the pergola with shrubs and greenery to set it apart from the rest of your space. Add a basic table or an outdoor recliner to create a wonderful getaway where you can rest with a book or you could just sit and drink a glass of iced tea.

Build an arched entryway

The entrance to your garden sets the stage for what’s to come. A flower-covered arch with a half-open gate creates an inviting and charming entrance that makes you want to see what lies on the other side.

Pre-built archways come in a variety of materials ranging from synthetic to cast iron. Spend time shopping around to find an archway that complements the structure of your house. After that, look for climbing plants that grow well in your conditions. Based on where you live, roses, clematis and wisteria are great options. As the plants grow over the archway, it will add some magic to your outdoor area.

Landscape gardening could transform a boring garden into a fantastic area. Tasks like fitting outdoor fountains, putting in pathways, creating unique nooks and adding a good entryway can all help you create a soothing, relaxing retreat where you can escape the trouble and bustle of daily life.

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