7 things seasoned landscape gardening specialists address in the autumn

gardenerAs leaves are falling and the 1st snow draws close, garden activity starts to slow down. Slow as it may be, it’s not like there aren’t any chores, as confirmed by landscape gardening pros. Here’s a list of tasks that each of them recommends doing before November ends:

Concluding lawn cut – even when it is cold outside, the lawn should still be mowed. In fact temperature alone should not be a deciding factor as far as when you stop with this task is concerned. The one thing you should be looking at is when the grass actually stops growing before the cold season. That is when you know you should stop mowing. Preferably you want to maintain grass height of 3 inches throughout the year.

Soil test – testing the soil is a vital thing to do, as all expert gardeners testify. Test the soil to know nutrient and pH capacity. If there is any deficiency, it should be fixed. Otherwise any planting and reseeding won’t be as effective, as soil plays a crucial role in plant health.

Take care of mulch – mulching is a worthy practice, which offers multiple benefits. However, mulch shouldn’t just be left there and ignored. Instead, expert gardeners say that it needs to be fluffed up and turned up. Because of this the need to introduce more mulch is reduced, as the material is utilised better. Take into account to keep it three inches thick, otherwise it can become a breeding ground for insects and pests.

Creating additional mulch – if you find yourself in short supply of mulch, you should be able to create your own relatively quick. Fallen leaves are numerous and they are a wonderful mulch material. You can run your mower over them in order to shred them to small pieces and then spread around flower beds. The natural material will benefit plants greatly.

Plan and plant – autumn offers great opportunities to plan and plant. Visually examine your backyard and determine what plants require some space – such as daisies and some other perennials. Fill in areas of the garden that you prefer to improve next growing season.

Walkways and driveways receive attention – they may not be organic, but they’re still part of the overall landscaping. Autumn is a great time to address those small holes and cracks in the concrete and road. You can look for areas that need to be sealed just to put off thawing and freezing.

Prune plants – most shrubs and trees require adequate pruning before winter. One reason why that is so is to reduce the chance of branches breaking due to increased mass from the snow. Other plants require trimming to improve their looks and have their size in check for following spring. While doing so, keep in mind that not all plants need pruning. Some of them are lilacs, viburnum and hydrangeas – those mustn’t be spoiled with pruning.

These are all chores you should address in your garden till the end of November. All landscape gardening specialists think this will greatly perk up the place.

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