4 common design-related landscape gardening mistakes

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If you are fed up driving by your home in attempts not to check out the flawed garden, then you need something to make a change. The only way to ensure this is to implement established landscape gardening methods to put things in check and create a perfect scenery.

It does not really matter what type of landscape you want to design – cottage, modern or unique – a good looking garden is an important feature to any home. It not only increases the worth of your home notably, but also introduces a place for you to unwind after a long day and just take some quality time with nature. One thing to guarantee that your landscape design is not a neighbourhood eyesore is preventing the most typical mistakes:

Adding too many common plants – do you really have to choose the exact dull plants that everyone else has in their yard? There are over 400 000 flowering species in the world so it’s not like there’s nothing to pick from. Don’t go with the flow when designing your landscape garden and instead introduce plants that you wouldn’t normally see elsewhere. Do not bother spending too much on the best trees you can get your hands on only to have dull rings of plants near them. There’s a big diversity of shade plants out there for you to discover instead of restricting the alternatives to one or two plants that are most commonly used, such as hostas, spirea or juniper. That’s the way you get much more than yawns from people walking by.

Wrong soil and place for plants – among the methods to tell a beginner landscape designer from more professional one is by seeing where they plant. The main thing is knowing what plants need direct sunlight and what plants should be grown out of sunlight’s reach. Improper placement of plants is among the biggest mistakes in designing a landscape garden. In case you’re planting, ensure you know where to have the plants. When you ignore this, your plants can fail to flower, become stunted and in the end die.

Too small or too big landscape plants – when buying your plants, imagine how big they get over time. That minor plant you just bought will not stay that way for long – in just a couple of years it may thrive to a big plant that blocks the window or shades other plants. Be patient when you plant your garden, as even though it looks minor, it will soon enough begin to rapidly grow. You do not want to become overwhelmed.

Unfitting beds/plants/features – one more mistake people make is having landscape elements and features that just don’t fit there. Carefully consider what you should feature in your landscape efforts to make the garden as charming as possible. The accents, the points of interest, the shape of the beds and size of plants should all work together to build your personal oasis.
By avoiding these landscape gardening mistakes, you will be one step closer to creating the perfect garden – one that you aren’t only in love with, but also proud of.

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