Cleaning company London tested tricks for quick clean of the 4 most frequented rooms

Window Cleaning Service London
Window Cleaning Service London

In case you’re having trouble keeping up with your cleaning routine, odds are you are thinking about hiring a cleaning company London to give you some help. While that is a fine idea, there are some tasks that take swift action.

Picture this scenario – you are about to have some unexpected guests. Possibly some relatives, or certain acquaintances who have decided to visit your place for some catching up. You cannot possibly count on a cleaning agency. Rather, you’ll have to get your hands dirty and work quickly to refresh your place to somewhat presentable condition. Here is a list of chores you can deal with in around 30 minutes, featuring only the crucial and most visited rooms of any home.

Kitchen room – take all dishes to the dishwashing machine, along with anything that should be cleaned there. When you have no such appliance, clean the dishware now and after that wipe the kitchen sink with a sponge. This might require additional time, so be quick. Remove countertops spots and splatters with a wet cloth or a sponge. Apply an all-purpose cleaning mix of 50/50 water/vinegar. Spare yourself the complete floor mopping for now, but inspect the area for any small spots and splatters. These tend to attract dirt as time passes and become more noticeable. Fold and hang all dish towels after you are finished with all of the work, to provide the room a thoroughly clean look.

Bedroom – always make your bed. You can’t imagine just how much of a difference this makes when you want to contain the disorder in the room. Moreover, there’s no need for your linens to collect more dust for the duration of the day. Store away all clothes, jewellery and items that are scattered around.
Bathroom – begin by giving the sink a fast wipe down. This is usually quite a good task, which only requires you to choose the suitable product – premoistened wipes do a great job. Wipe the mirror – at times splatters of toothpaste and the occasional splash of water wind up there. Clean the toilet seat – you could use the similar cloth you cleaned the sink and mirror with. Clean the shower area with a squeegee to get rid of the water spots and the hard water deposits. If you’re really in a hurry, you can make use of a dry towel.

Living room – this is the area of your home you’re most likely to hang out with your guests in. For this reason, you need to tidy the couch and fluff up the cushions. Collect any crumbs and particles on the upholstery with a quick vacuuming session. In case there are obvious fingerprints on the cupboards, wipe them with a microfiber cloth. Introduce a cleaning product, in case the surfaces are too small or streaked. Collect major clutter from the room, such as magazines, newspapers, toys, and virtually anything that shouldn’t be in that room.
This process is recommended by just about any cleaning company London in times when you have to do rapid cleaning of the place. Give it a try and you will see just how viable it is.

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