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Poor quality of the indoor air is normally attributed to excessive dust buildup. Regardless how meticulously you clean, the surfaces are covered with a thin layer of dust the very next day. If that’s the usual case after every dusting session you undertake, then you must be doing something incorrect. Here are few proven tricks that’ll help you diminish the home dust and prevent negative consequences of big dust amounts like troubled difficulties, irritated eyes, coughing, sneezing and all the rest you can attribute to it:

Handle the hard to get to areas indoors – The places that most people tend to neglect, collect large quantities of dust. These include curtains, carpets, upholstered seats and blankets. The best way for thoroughly removing the accumulated dust settled in the fabric is to take advantage of expert cleaning services. The powerful cleaning machines not only removes dirt but also gets rid of nasty odours. After a professional cleaning service, maintenance will be a piece of cake. You can simply give your rugs a beating and apply disinfecting products until it’s time for the following carpet cleaning visit.
Acquire inhouse plants – Interior plants make every part of the home aesthetically charming, not to mention they gather the dust spoils hovering in the air. In case you are not the most passionate garden enthusiast, seek advise from the sales associate at the garden department and grab low-maintenance flowers that require just occasional watering.

Keep stuffed toys – Your young ones have hundreds of stuffed toys or you have a a number of teddy bears for sentimental reasons? Well, they might be the culprits that lead to low quality indoor air. That is why you should shake them off the dust regularly or just figure out an adequate method for storing them. You can use only the toys your children use to play and keep the others boxed.

Fight high air humidity levels – High humidity levels are the best environment for house mites that cause lung irritations, sneezing and coughing. The quickest way to limit high humidity levels is to acquire a dehumidifier.

Use the right cleaning gear – There must be a good reason why there are tools tailored exclusively for dusting, right? In this respect, getting a rag and a multi-purpose cleaning product to dust the surfaces just doesn’t work. In case you have ever used expert cleaning services, you should know that domestic cleaners do not use random detergents on all surfaces. Some cleaning solutions have the opposite effect and instead of keeping the surfaces clean, they build a thin film that attracts dust.

Sanitise the air conditioner filters – Cleaning the ac unit filter is needed provided that you need to reduce the dust levels. The procedure itself is not difficult at all. See the manufacturer’s manual and pull your sleeves up.

Following these proven tips will unquestionably lead to the desired results, so if you’ve missed cleaning some area or you are constantly putting off the tour to the store, you’re advised to compensate for the delays right away.

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