5 steps to sanitise your mattress

Domestic Cleaning London
Domestic Cleaning London

If you love your good night’s rest, then you totally have to think about mattress cleaning and handle this job. You may not have considered it, but mattresses acquire a lot of sweat, dead skin cells, dust mites, stains and all matter of nasty things that should be cleaned on a regular base.

In order to properly clean your mattress, you don’t actually need that much of professional equipment. You just need to know the process that will get the task done and follow the outlined actions below one by one:

Clean with the vacuum regularly – vacuuming is not only required for your carpets and upholstery; your bed can use a little bit of vacuuming too. Whether you use your bed just to rest or you frequently bring in snacks and actually work on your laptop/watch films from there, some spoils are bound to appear. Crumbs and food food particles are one thing, but there might also be pet hair, because your pet will likely visit that place when you’re away from home. The easiest way to address this is to clean it with the vacuum. Use the appropriate add-on and go over the entire surface of the mattress. That way you’ll pick up the unnecessary spoils and provide viable care without much effort.

Stain removal – stains are unavoidable and it’s up to you to address them correctly. Quite often the stains on your mattress will be protein-based: blood and sweat for instance. Ideally, you want to deal with them as soon as possible. You can use a mix of liquid dish soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and then blot till the stain is gone. If the stain proves more complicated to deal with, you can use cleaner for enzymes.

Deodorise – a simple way to deodorise a smelly bed is to use baking soda. Sprinkle large amount over the entire bed. Baking soda is tested and proven for its absorption qualities. By leaving it there for a few hours, you can be sure that it’ll eliminate unpleasant scents and also absorb any remaining liquid from your mattress cleaning efforts.

Air out your mattress – that isn’t something you can always address, but if it’s possible – do it! Exposing your mattress to UV sunlight and fresh air goes a long way in terms of cleaning. Even if you cannot take the mattress outdoors, some hours on your balcony can still make a huge impact.

Cover your mattress – one thing you have to acquire for sure is a mattress cover. It serves as a line of defense against stains, dirt and spoils that your mattress is vulnerable to. One of the best parts about a mattress cover is that you can just toss it in the washing machine and thus clean it.
As you can see, mattress cleaning does involve some very simple methods and you can do them all without investing much time and effort. Put this chore on your list of tasks and you’ll rest better indeed.

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