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The basement is one area of your property that you would rather never approach, in terms of cleaning. You may be thinking that awful horrors lurk in there and that basements are built to never be cleaned.

If you take a more realistic look at it, the basement is merely another part of your property in need of home cleaning. You shouldn’t ever postpone this obligation, because you’ll need to utilise the basement after all. It is a great storage place, which can serve you well, if you look after it. Here are some tips you can follow in regards to cleaning:

Rub with a cleaning solution – if your basement’s concrete or block surfaces are quite grimy, you must sanitise them with a brush. You can utilise a solution of warm water with a quarter cup of ammonia and some cleaning agent. Employ a tough nylon brush for this project, not a metallic one (metallic fibres can actually get trapped in the concrete and start to rust). If there’s some tough grime, you can get more power with some trisodium phosphate. It’s usually obtainable at hardware stores. Rinse the entire area and wait for it to dry. Drying is a major part of cleaning the basement. Ventilate the space where possible and use a vacuum to deal with extra water after the cleaning session.

Use bleaching powder for the floor – if there are bad smells and dirt on the floor, you can approach it with a little chlorine lime, also known as bleaching powder. You can get the product in your supermarket’s laundry section. Sprinkle it over the trouble areas and leave it like this for one whole day. It will remove the strong smell with the microorganisms that caused it. Sweep and vacuum it up after that to finish the task.

Tackling efflorescence – efflorescence is the white dust that gathers on concrete surfaces in the basement. Essentially, those are soluble salts that persist as water seeps through the material and later evaporate. What you can do is get rid of it all with a wet cloth. Waterproofing your basement is a perfect option in terms of stopping further issues with efflorescence.

Give the floor a makeover – if you are fed up with the dull grey colour of your basement floor, you can change its appearance with a waterproof stain. All of the materials and solutions you require can be purchased from your local home centre. First scrub the floor to remove all solid particles. While it’s still wet, sprinkle some phosphoric or muriatic acid and scrub. It hardens the exterior, making the staining process easily manageable. Wash away the acid after twenty minutes. Once the floor has dried fully, apply the stain with a paint roller and let it dry for at least twenty four hours prior to walking on it.

By following these steps, you can ensure your basement remains clean. Include this task in your home cleaning to-do list, as it’s important.

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