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If you are aware of the importance of thorough rug cleaning, you probably have thought about booking professional rug cleaning services at least once. Nevertheless, upon visiting the local hardware store, you see an ad saying they rent rug cleaning machines and suddenly you are faced with a dilemma. Is there any difference between the two cleaning methods? In this article you’ll find the advantages and disadvantages of calling pros vs. doing the rug cleaning on your own.

Professional steam cleaning vs. DIY carpet cleaning machine – there’s a good reason why cleaners employed with a certain firm call themselves specialists. They are equipped with all the tools and detergents required for removing bad odours and stains and fully extracting grime, dirt and allergens. On the other hand, DIY rug cleaning machines may be useful on rugs that often see spills or pets that abuse the fibres. However, performing carpet cleaning on your own does not guarantee the excellent results expected after a professional interference. You can end up exhausted and unhappy with the end result, especially if you lack the vital skills for using a carpet cleaning machine.

Risks of DIY rug cleaning machines – probably the most important difference between professional cleaning machines and those available for purchase/rent is that the DIY ones do not heat the water to the same temperature as their professional equivalents. That considerably decreases the chance of bacteria removal. Plus, DIY machines are not so powerful as the professional ones. Therefore they do not extract as much water as they should for an entire removal of bacteria and dirt. Another pitfall of the DIY machines is the threat of damaging the treated carpet. They usually leave the carpet very wet. Placing back the furniture could cause damage, not to mention the chance of messing up the amount of cleaning detergent you add or the rug cleaning method you apply.

Think about the material your carpets are made of – there are some rug materials where a certain cleaning method is required. In such cases, experts recommend dry rug cleaning procedures. In this respect, it is essential to figure out whether your carpet would endure a steam cleaning procedure, be it professional or not.

Cheap carpet cleaning solution – if price is the main reason why you avoid booking a rug cleaning service, arrange specialists to handle only high traffic areas. This is certainly a cost-saving approach that will enable you to prolong the lifespan of your carpets and have them clean and well-maintained all the time.

It goes without saying that professional carpet cleaning machines are much more efficient than those available for rent. Whatever your reason for postponing the booking of a specialised service is, do your best to arrange cleaning experts once or twice per year. They will deal with the most difficult areas and ensure your rugs are clean and healthy at least for a few months ahead.

It’s clear that every firm could benefit from specialist services while improving the lifespan of the carpet. The above reasons identify how people could benefit from using Carpet Cleaners London. So, if you have decided to use pros for your cleaning needs, all you need to do is contact 020 8626 7977.

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