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We often find ourselves in a position where we cannot really plan ahead what will happen to the carpet. Children, pets, the usual spilling of your morning coffee… the level of mess can go from 0 to “damn it” quite fast. Well if you happen to be just like us and you like to have an easy solution in every case that can remove hard stains – here are some ideas for making an effective carpet cleaner using only household items!

– The first solution that I will show is incredibly useful and works for cleaning carpets as well as upholstery. What you are going to require is vinegar, household ammonia and a little dish detergent. Nothing fancy actually. In addition you would need foam producing soap dispenser or some sprayer to distribute the solution with. This is extremely important – you will need the foam, not the liquid! Once you take the required items from your kitchen, just combine 2 cups of clean water with 2-3 tbsp. of dish soap. Add one table spoon of vinegar with a 1/2 of a tbsp. of ammonia. Pour it into the spray bottle or soap dispenser and give it a littlle shake. There you have it – the carpet cleaning solution is ready, just spray the foam on top of the stained surface, scrub it in and after that wipe it off using a cloth. You’ll immediately see the whitening in the scrubbed place.

*Important* Don’t forget that there is ammonia in the mixture! This means that you need to always test it on a tiny and obstructed place to check if the mix doesn’t bleach the colors or pull them out. Also you should be in a well ventilated place while you are preparing the recipe, as the smell of the ammonia might be much unpleasant, but you will not sense it in the cleaner afterwards.

The 2nd mix is for a cleaning machine and a little trickier, but works incredibly well and is going to leave the rugs smelling like a garden in the spring. For this mix you’ll require laundry detergent (if possible HE detergent to avoid foaming), a concentrated multi-purpose cleaner, Oxi clean (or something similar) and fabric softener. All of these cleaners come really cheap compared to carpet cleaning solution off the shelf. All you do is mix 2 tbsp. of laundry soap with a 1/4 cup of multi-purpose cleaner, add a scoop of Oxi clean and finish with 1 tsp of fabric softener. When you’ve mixed the ingredients, stir the solution until the Oxy clean powder is completely dissolved. To help the dissolving you may add a cup of hot water and make things a lot easier. When the mix is ready, pour it into your carpet shampooer and fill the tank with at least a gallon to a gallon and a half water.

If you want to do stuff in your own way, complete the work cheap and with great efficiency, those rug cleaning solution formulas will probably be your lifetime friend and hopefully – you will not ever have to worry where to look for a new carpet again! Go ahead and give them a try.

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