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Modern day life has made it so that home cleaning isn’t always possible. For instance, if you have a room of your own, you may happen to leave it in a messy state and only get used to it rather than devote half a day to cleaning it.

However, at times life has funny ways of acting and you may see yourself in a situation with sudden friends coming over. The last thing you want is to have them see your mess. Instead of thinking about innovative ways to call off their visit, you should focus your energy on cleaning swiftly. Following are several steps you can take to deal with the process swiftly and easy:

Make the bed – that is one job, which is awfully overlooked. Truth is that making your bed in the morning doesn’t require long, but it has quite a big effect on the general cleanliness and tidiness of the place. Just get rid of everything from the bed and put linens for washing, if necessary. Tuck in sheets and place your bed cover on top for a complete look. Keep in mind that making your bed saves the sheets from gathering a lot of dust throughout the day.

Collect clothes and laundry – retrieve all stray clothes around and place them in the laundry basket. It’s fine to put that away for now, as you might not have time to do everything at once. However, it is wise to divide dark, light and coloured items because you will need to wash them in the machine at different times.

Nightstand – an area of your room, which probably gets cluttered a lot and is frequently used is the nightstand. First sort through the items currently located there. After that, clean the surface with a cloth and an appropriate cleaner. At this point, all items that do not belong there should be discarded.

Declutter the rest of the room – walk around the place and figure out what items do not really belong there. Maybe there are some glasses and plates you best clean and keep in the kitchen. Maybe you have left a number of empty containers from take away food? Take your time and declutter the place, as this makes a big difference.

Tackle the bookshelf – if you have a shelf for books in your room, now is the time you organise it. First, discard any rubbish. After that, organise the rest of your belongings – notebooks, literature, and other items you keep there.

Computer desk – if you spend a great deal of time on your computer desk, it’s definitely very cluttered and cramped. That should be your next goal for declutter. Remove garbage, dishes and glasses. Clean the surface of the desk with a multi-surface cleaner.

Vacuum the floor – once you’re done, you must give the floor a quick vacuuming. All that wiping and rearranging of your place has possibly left some dust on the floor. Vacuuming will clean most of it but you need to ensure you are regular at this chore in the future.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your sudden guests don’t arrive to a disorganised and cluttered place.

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