6 things about your home that creep out your guests

Cleaning Company LondonYou may think your home is all perfect, till you see the frowns on your guests’ faces as they walk in. As you invite people over, the last thing you want for them is to feel awkward about your home. Not only is it bad for them, but it could lead to some embarrassing situations for yourself as well. It is true that a few crumbs here and there may not bother people, but take note of the following problems and fix them before you welcome any guests inside:

  • There is a big pile of dishes in the sink – even if you do your best to immediately clean after you eat, at some point the dishes may pile up. It is not just the dishes that bother people, but also food leftovers on the plates. This is not a pretty sight so make sure that you put that dishwasher to good use or roll up your sleeves and wash those dishes till they are squeaky clean.
  • You allow your pets everywhere – since you live with your pets at all times, you may not find anything wrong in letting them walk everywhere. However, when your guests see the cat walking on the countertop where you are preparing food, you can bet they will lose their appetite. Pets are a source of dander and hair. For the sake of good hygiene, you best make sure that you limit the areas where your pets wander.
  • Mail chaos – you don’t have to colour literally every single piece of paper, but you need to have some system in place for your mail. But when your guests see a tower of paper in the living room and junk drawers full of things like light bulbs and some other clutter like that, you can bet they will feel unease. Clutter has a way of making people feel anxious, so you best make sure you deal with it before you have someone over.
  • The bathroom is messy – the bathroom is one of the areas your guests will likely visit, so it goes without saying that you should give your all to clean it. The state of this area is an excellent indicator of what attitude you have towards housekeeping. Remember that the devil is in the details, so make sure you do your best to address the toilet bowl, the tiles and the sink.
  • You haven’t dusted properly in weeks – a good layer of dust is a good enough indication that you have been putting cleaning off for some time. Countertops, vents, shelves, picture frames and light switches all covered in dust is not what you want to show your guests.
  • Laundry is lying everywhere – as you change your clothes after a long day, you may sometimes leave the dirty ones lying around. Make sure you don’t do that when you are about to have family and friends over for dinner. Dirty clothes strewn all over the place create a sense of ? mess.

Now that you know what your guests may feel bad about, you best invest the effort to fix these issues. Don’t let your guests witness a huge mess in your home.

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